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Top 10 London: Top Ten Things to See and Do in Redbridge

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nyanpuchi / Pixabay

Redbridge is one of the most northeastern boroughs in Greater London, and like many of the outer boroughs, for years it was mostly farmland and manor estates before the city’s growth from the 17th Century-onwards turned it into a suburb.  While a mostly quiet part of the city, Redbridge is quite well known for its parks and sporting facilities, offering its residents pretty of opportunities for leisure and exercise.  Of course, it’s certainly not without its share of history as well, and the borough offers much to those who visit it.  We’ve identified ten places we think you should see in Redbridge and if we’ve missed anything, let us know in the comments.

The Cricketers Pub

If you want to find the best pub in Redbridge, look no further than The Cricketers on the High Road in the district of Woodford Green.  It has the quaint atmosphere you’d expect of a traditional pub and the menu to go with it.  They carry a few different varieties of ale on tap, though McMullen’s is what’s available all-year-round.

Creative Biscuit Ceramics Café

If you’re looking for a café with something to do, look no further than Creative Biscuit Ceramics Café on George Lane in South Woodford.  There’s not much in the way of food here, and the café is more about creating, painting, and baking your own ceramic creation.  It can be fun for all ages and will give you a truly unique souvenir to bring home.

Barking Park and Splash Park

Barking Park lies just on the border of Redbridge and the Borough of Barking and Dagenham and was constructed in 1896 as a classic Victorian Park.  While it still retains this old charm with its green meadows and boating lake, it has updated to include a miniature railway, basketball courts, and a splash park.

Kenneth More Theater

Named for one of Britain’s beloved actors who passed away in 1982, the Kenneth More Theater is a performance venue that sees not only stage productions, but also comedy shows, concerts, and film screenings.  The company continues to bring a wide variety of performances that honor the theater’s namesake, so be sure to check the calendar for something that interests you.

Hospital Chapel of St. Mary and St. Thomas

Also known as Ilford Hospital Chapel, the official name is the Hospital Chapel of St. Mary and St. Thomas.  It has been on this site since 1140, founded as a hospice during the reign of King Stephen and remained largely unchanged, even after the Crown took over the hospital following the Dissolution of the Monasteries.  It isn’t normally open to the public but does offer a number of open days throughout the year, so be sure to check their calendar before planning your visit.

Redbridge Museum

Redbridge Museum is the best way to learn about this Essex borough that was created in 1965 by the London Government Act 1863.  The museum includes exhibits on the area’s rural past, examples of typical homes over the years, and home videos and newsreels from World War II up to the present.  There’s even more to see once you get inside and you’ll find lots to learn about Redbridge’s past, present, and future.

Redbridge Cycling Center

If you want to get out for some fun on your bicycle, the Redbridge Cycling Center is a top destination.  The center has both a road course as well as a mountain bike circuit, and even if you don’t have your own bike to bring here, they offer plenty of bicycles and mountain bikes for rent.  If you’re not so sure about your skill level, they also offer coaching.

Fairlop Waters Sailing Center

If bikes aren’t your thing, maybe you’d like to take a boat out on the water?  Part of the Fairlop Waters Country Park (more on that later), the Sailing Center is on a 40-acre lake and offers sailboats, rowboats, and paddleboats for hire.  Whatever you’re in the mood to take out on the lake, you can spend a blissful day on the waters and let your cares float away.

Valentines Mansion and Gardens

Valentines Mansion is a fantastic example of Georgian architecture in the middle of Redbridge.  It was originally built in 1696 and then heavily modified by Sir Charles Raymond in the 1760s, giving it its current appearance.  Today the mansion is Grade II listed and serves as a venue for hire and lovely place to visit when it’s not being used for an event.

Fairlop Waters Country Park

Fairlop Waters is the largest park in the Borough of Redbridge.  As mentioned previously, it incorporates a 40-acre lake as well as numerous trails, sports fields, and other amenities.  For example, those seeking a more active time in the park can check out the ropes course and climbing wall, though nothing really beats a quiet walk through the forest or a game of golf on one of the park’s two courses.  The park has everything you could want for a fun afternoon, so it’s definitely the number one place to visit in the borough.

John Rabon
Author: John Rabon

John is a regular writer for Anglotopia and its sister websites. He is currently engaged in finding a way to move books slightly to the left without the embarrassment of being walked in on by Eddie Izzard. For any comments, questions, or complaints, please contact the Lord Mayor of London, Boris Johnson's haircut.

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