The London Fiver – Top Five Food & Drinks Delivery Services


    In the bustling capital, it’s always great when you can get food, drinks (or both) delivered to your door. It might be because you have guests coming and are feeling overwhelmed, or you fancy something upmarket, or you might have just run out of something! Either way, modern technology through online culinary services that also deliver are there to make your life easier.

    Here are the top five food & drinks delivery services in London.

    1.     My Sushi Shop

    The My Sushi Shop is growing fast with outlets in the UK, Italy, France, Portugal, UAE, Belgium, Luxemburg and Germany.

    Their upmarket sushi is as beautiful to look at as it is delicious to consume. It’s almost too attractive to actually eat, though we’re sure hunger will overtake food lustiness once you realise it’s there to be eaten.

    Their Yellowtail Ponzu Maki roll sushi is a delight for fish lovers. The Salmon Aburi Poke Bowl and Teriyaki Chicken Poke Bowls are great to share with others too. There are many varieties, so it’s possible to pick the sushi you like best and mix and match from your favourites.

    For larger groups, they also have sushi boxes and large boxes to share with a mixed selection to please everyone.

    2.     Balanced Meals All Week

    For the person who wants a single plan where three meals are delivered every day for a week (or longer), then Balanced Meals is just the ticket.

    Served across the UK, meals are pre-packed and delivered on a Sunday ready for the coming week when they’re ordered by Thursday.

    We’re intrigued by the Chorizo egg muffin and the Nutella bagel for breakfast. The T+S Thai satay skewers will surely pack a spicy punch with the pot of satay sauce to adjust how much heat you want in your mouth at lunchtime. The salmon with a Cajun flavouring, root vegetables baked in the oven and a lemon and orange dressing top off dinner. However, there are many different dishes to select for your balanced meals each week. Snacks are included too.

    3.     Drink Deliveries for Londoners

    It’s not always convenient to stop what you’re doing and make a trip to your local convenience shop or off-licence. For that matter, they don’t always have what you’re looking for either.

    Maybe there’s a particular bottle of spirits that’s hard to find or they’re out of chilled champagne when you really have something to celebrate! Well, no matter, because there’s now convenient alcohol delivery with the London catchment area from Drinks House 247.

    They certainly have champagne, but also a good selection of wines, beers, spirits, and mixers to get all fancy on home turf.

    Drinks House are available around the clock, so even if you run out at 10pm after your off-licence has closed, they can deliver to you in around 30 minutes.

    4.     Healthy Food from All Plants

    The dishes from All Plants get delivered frozen and just need heating up either in the oven or the microwave. The process ensures their food retains its nutrient value and full flavour profile too.

    The plant-based menu features many clever twists on traditional dishes that usually suit meat lovers only. For instance, the Rigatoni Bolognese includes mushrooms, walnuts, and Puy lentils to get the right consistency. The Rainbow Falafel Mezze doesn’t disappoint with its mix of sweet potato, chickpeas and courgettes to give the dish a kaleidoscope of colour without missing out on flavour. Also, for Indian food lovers, there’s Cauli Tikka Masala with chickpeas, cauliflower and kale.

    Their food is meat, egg and dairy free. There are also lower calorie, higher protein and gluten free options too.

    5.     Gourmet Food with Pure Package

    The Pure Package option is a London-only food delivery service that aims to be healthy, nutritious and themed to your liking.

    Customers choose from different packages such as the Longevity option with restorative ingredients, Pre-and Post-natal for mothers, Vegetarian & Vegan to stay healthy, and a Paleo-focused menu too.

    The service works by agreeing what package you’ve selected and then preparing the food for delivery bright and early at 6am. A bag is left on the doorstep which is temperature managed. For busy people, it skips food shopping, trying to figure out what to eat, or the need to count every calorie too. When wanting healthy food prepared daily and delivered for you while skipping unhealthy takeaways, then Pure Package has a lot to recommend it.

    There are an increasing number of convenient drinks and food preparation services available in the London area. Some deliver daily, whereas others arrive frozen and get delivered less frequently. The amount of preparation to sit down for a meal varies from food producer to producer, but it’s all far healthier side than another fry-up or stir fry dish in a hurry. Tastier too.