The 10 most fascinating historical places in Israel


    The Israeli countryside and city scenes are probably one of the most beautiful places on earth. This nation is a Middle Eastern country on the Mediterranean sea and is regarded as the Holy land to a multiple of religions. The Jews, Christians, and Muslims hold this country dear to them because they trace some of their religious beginnings in this country. This country has so much to offer to historians as well as religious fanatics who make a point in their lives to visit the country at least once in their lives. Flights to Israel from all over the world increase exponentially day in day out.

    Well, once you get to this beautiful country, make sure you visit the sites below to accomplish your historical or religious quest.

    The Old City of Jerusalem

    The old city of Jerusalem is very diverse as it is divided into four quadrants that are different politically, religiously, culturally, and even historically. The first part is the Christian Quarter is a hub of sites that Christians find very fulfilling. Such sites include the Tower of David, Church of St. John the Baptist and Saint Helena. Then there is the Jewish Quarter is the cleanest and quieter parts of the city. In this Quarter is the famous Western Wall that has been sectioned into two, the men’s side and the women’s side. In each section, the Jews believe that when you leave prayers within the cracks of this high wall, they are heard and answered. The Muslim Quarter is home to the Monastery of the Flagellation, where the Roman soldiers thrashed Christ before His crucifixion. Lastly, there is the Armenian Quarter that houses the Armenian Museum and the St. James Cathedral, which is one of the most stunning of all the saintly old buildings.


    Masada is a flat-topped mesa in the Judean desert that once stood King Herod’s palace. Today though stands the UNESCO world heritage site which is a symbol of Jewish courage. It commemorates the Jew people that stood tall against the Roman invaders. Although in ruins, this site is still lovely as it contains some of the ancient architectural artifacts, considered a work of art.


    Nazareth is the largest city in the northern division of Israel. It is the home of the St. Joseph’s church which is believed to be the site of Joseph’s carpentry workshop. The streets of Nazareth are the very streets that Jesus walked, played, and ran through during his younger days. The underground synagogue is also believed to be where he regularly made his prayer and study sessions.

    Dome Of The Rock

    The Dome of The Rock is a temple that stands tall in Jerusalem. The monumental Dome is seen from multiple high spots around the city is covered in gold. The Muslims hold the Dome close to their hearts as it is the placed believed their Prophet Mohammed Ascended on. To Jews, it is the place where the Holy of Holies stood in Herods Temple and the site that God instructed Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

    Sea Of Galilee

    Near the border of Syria and Jordan, we find a freshwater lake by the name Sea of Galilee. Pilgrims from all over the world visit this site to view the waters that Jesus walked on. And also visit the nearby town of Tiberias that has become a popular resort area with hotels, shops, and restaurants. Tourists also appreciate a couple of water sports such as kayaking and water skiing done on the lake.

    Church Of The Holy Sepulcher

    This church stands grandly on top of a hill in Jerusalem by the name of Golgotha. This location is one of the most sacred sites on Isreal soil because it marks the locality where Jesus was crucified and buried. And the place that he rose from the dead after three days of being buried. The church of the sepulture is shared by the six Christian denominations, namely; the Greek Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Ethiopian, Coptic, and Syriac Orthodox churches and Armenian Apostolic.

    Basilica of the Annunciation

    This is yet another historical site found right at the heart of Nazareth on Casa Nova street. The very ground the church stands on is believed to be the exact location where Mary’s house; the mother of Jesus, stood many years back. It is at this same place that The Angel Gabriel appeared to the Virgin Mary to make the annunciation of the savior’s birth. Tourists and Christians from all over the globe visit the church making sure to say a prayer or two facing the holy grotto in the church.

    Mount of Olives

    Just adjacent to the Old City Of Jerusalem majestically stands the Mount of Olives. This site is believed to be the place that Jesus Stopped and wept over Jerusalem on His way to Bethany. You also get to marvel at the stunning panorama of the Old City and its environs once you get to the top. This area also serves one of Jerusalem’s chief cemeteries, with an estimated 150,000 graves, among them the tombs of the Prophets. Some of the prophets believed to be buried there are Haggai, Malachai, and Zacharia. It also includes several other pilgrimage sites such as the church of all nations and the Tomb of Mary.

    Yad Vashem

    Yad Vashem is home to the World Holocaust Remembrance Center. This site is to commemorate all the victims of the Nazi oppressors and the Gentiles who came to the rescue of the Jews being attacked. This free site is the second most visited site in Israel because of its rich historical background. People learn that humanity goes beyond race, nationality, and most importantly religion.

    Baha’i Shrine and Gardens

    This garden has a golden dome, flowering terraces and a shrine holy to the Baha’i faith. It is considered so because the Prophet Baha’a’ulla, known as the Bab, rests here. This location is also a world’s heritage center.