6 Tricks to Make Your London Photos Awesome


    Is there a more mysterious and alluring city than London? Its Royal Fogginess attracts tourists that love to walk its streets and marvel at its sights. Besides, London is a welcoming host when it comes to taking pictures of it – all this gorgeous architecture, cozy pubs, lovely scenery are perfect for taking stunning shots. In this article, we’ll share with you a handful of tips that will help you make your best photos in and of the UK capital. Let’s get going. 

    Use the Right Equipment and Modes

    London is a demanding model due to the almost legendary lack of sunshine. Make sure to shoot your pictures in RAW or JPEG to later have more control over them when post-processing. Use a wide-angle lens to encompass as much of London’s grandeur into the shot as possible. A prime lens will be perfect for portrait and street pictures. 

    Look for New Locations

    Sure, it’s a must to shoot Buckingham Palace, Houses of Parliament, and the Eye of London. So go ahead, snap a few pictures of those landmarks, but devote your time to finding something different. Get yourself intentionally lost in this magnificent city to find a street, a small park, or a lesser-known monument that will nevertheless carry this almost palpable London feel. Be sure to ask locals for help in finding these places.

    Early Bird Gets the Fish and Chips

    Since London is a true tourist magnet, people will be swarming the famous streets and sights come the first hours of the day. If you want to keep random people out of the frame, then beat them to the landmark you want to shoot. Be among the first people there, and you’ll be able to take pictures of whatever building or monument you want at your own pace and without distractions.   

    Perfect Your Pics in Post Production

    Admittedly, London can be a challenging city to shoot – you get hordes of tourists, less-that-glowing (literally) lighting conditions, constant drizzle, and whatnot. Well, don’t put down your camera just yet! Fix any issues your London pictures might have in post-production.

    If you lack experience in the field, turn to professionals to take care of your images. There are tons of freelancers you can hire for help on Upwork. But it’s even more rewarding if you edit your pictures yourself. If you are new to this kind of work, you’ll need a user-friendly yet quite powerful software. Try PhotoWorks, an AI-powered photo editor that does all the heavy lifting for you. With it, you can improve your shots in just a few clicks or brushstrokes.

    Change the Angle and Perspective

    You’ll never wow anyone with your shot of St. Paul’s cathedral if you shoot the place as everyone else does. Well, how about shooting it through, say, a glass of champagne? Or how about shooting the Palace of Westminster from way below? Of snapping the picture of the London Eye’s reflection in some shiny surface. Down with boring pictures, we say!

    Turn Bad Things into Good Things

    You know the saying – if you can’t beat them, rule them? Well, the same sort of applies to travel photography. Sometimes the odds aren’t in your favour – the landmark is crowded, the sun is overcast with heavy clouds. Keep your chin up and keep snapping pictures. Use the crowd to show how full of life Piccadilly Circus is. Use a long exposition to show the fluid movement of cars down the Tower Bridge. Or snap colorful raindrop-sprinkled umbrellas of people trying to find shelter from the pouring rain. There’s beauty in every moment. You just have to unveil it. 

    So there, you no longer need to follow the London landmarks shooting formula that might be as ancient as the city itself. Use our tricks to create eye-catching and breathtaking pictures of this grand city, its architecture, and people. Such photos will become your best souvenir you’ll take home after your visit. Apart from a plastic double-decker and a Paddington bear toy, of course.