The Best London Attractions to Try


    When it comes to things to do, attractions to explore and venues to visit, London has endless options to choose from, with something to suit everyone’s interests. With so many things to choose from, it can often be difficult picking the must-see options, so what are the unmissable London attractions everyone should try? Read on to find out…

    Junkyard Golf Club

    While not new to the capital, Junkyard Golf Club’s location has just gotten bigger, better and weirder, making it the ideal time to check out this wild mini golf location. Featuring a brand new 90s rave inspired course, Dirk, the move sees the venue stay in Shoreditch, only a stone’s throw away from its previous location. Promising mad courses, and even madder cocktails, this is a mini golf experience like no other, and one that is unmissable among the capital’s finest offerings.

    London Zoo…At Night

    Okay, okay, so the zoo can easily be written off as a rather bland attraction, with one to be found in most major cities. BUT what you can’t do at every zoo is book an overnight stay, offering a totally new experience.  The lodges will put you as close to the lion’s exhibit as you’re likely going to want to be while you’re sleeping and includes a private viewing of the animals at the zoo. These regularly change, guaranteeing a fun surprise for your visit as you never know which animals you are going to be seeing when you stay.

    Last Tuesday Society

    Part museum and part cocktail bar, Last Tuesday Society has a penchant for all things weird and wonderful, and you are unlikely to find any other attractions like it.  Originally founded with the intention of hosting literary and artistic events, over 150 years after it first opened its doors, it now serves as the capital’s most curious cocktail bar. Here, you’ll find everything from traditional absinthe to what is billed as the country’s only curiosity museum.

    The Attendant

    Not to be beaten by Manchester’s infamous bar, The Temple, which used to be a public toilet, The Attendant is the only café you’ll find in London which occupies a space that used to a public restroom. While not specifically an attraction, its location and history is one that definitely makes it worth the visit.

    Harry Potter Studio Tour

    Officially known as the Warner Brother Studio Tour – The Making of Harry Potter, there’s no shortage of magic at this attraction for visitors. Home to some of the most famous sets, costumes, and props from the world-famous franchises, any Potterhead worth their salt will be adding to their list of places to visit. While it’s not in central London itself, the journey to the studio is well worth the hassle and the tour itself takes several hours, making it perfect for a day trip.

    Buckingham Palace

    Predictable? Perhaps. Yet that doesn’t make Buckingham Palace any less worthy of inclusion on the list of attractions you should visit in London. Not only is it the Queen’s main residence, and a favourite with tourists, but it is also home to the Changing of the Guards, which you can experience on one of the guided tours of the Palace. If you are lucky enough to visit while the Queen is away, you can even see the State Rooms for yourself along with the Queen’s Gallery, again, as part of a guided tour.