British vs. American Sports Culture


    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and the United States of America – what do these two countries have in common in terms of sports culture? Besides the fact that both of these nations have English as their national language, when it comes to sports culture- the UK and the USA don’t share too many similarities. Both the United Kingdom and the United States are major sporting nations where sport has been woven into the very fabric of their culture since the beginning of their inception. In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the differences in British vs. American sports culture.

    Types of Sport

    One of the main differences in British vs. American sports culture is the different types of sports that these two nations prefer. While basketball, football, and baseball are the most popular sports in the United States, residents of the UK are bigger fans of sports like soccer, tennis, cricket, and horseracing. Since most British pubs are family-orientated, British families frequently enjoy watching a game of cricket or soccer together at their local pub. Americans prefer to get together and watch a game of football at home or at any of the numerous live sporting events.

    Traditional Cuisine

    Watching sports tournaments wouldn’t be the same without the addition of those favourite treats and snacks that tend to accompany sporting events. Not only are both British and Americans avid sports fans, but both of these nations also have a massive food culture that is closely connected to their sports culture. While Americans enjoy indulging in foods like hotdogs, pizza, chips, and corndogs, the British prefer a good old slice of pie or fish and chips while watching major sporting events.

    Online Sports betting

    Online sports betting is a popular activity in both the United Kingdom and the United States. While online gambling and sports betting are legal in the UK, it is still considered illegal throughout the majority of the United States. There are only a small handful of states within the US where online gambling is legal and these include Nevada, Delaware and the state of New Jersey. It is illegal to place wagers online in most parts of the US, however, it is legal to partake in online betting in New Jersey.

    Sportsbooks that are focused more on American sports such as football, basketball, and baseball tend to offer more promotions and rewards when compared to the UK sportsbooks. UK sportsbooks tend to be more traditional in their approach whereas US sportsbooks place a larger focus on the aspects of promotions, bonuses, and competitions. British sports are also more structured in their play whereas American sports tend to have more variables such as periods of overtime. The popularity of different sports varies throughout the United States whereas soccer is by far the most popular sport in Britain. For this reason, most UK sportsbooks will offer promotions based on major soccer events without placing focus on any other sports. After all, this is exactly what British punters are looking for.