Save 50% on the Heathrow Express With This Coupon – UPDATED

One of the easiest and quickest ways to get into Central London is to take the Heathrow Express — a direct train from the airport right to London Paddington.

The only problem is that it can be a little pricey at £32 for a return ticket (about $52).

We’ve gotten a hold of a 50% off coupon that will save you a ton of money on your ticket.

Use coupon code HXJBA5 when booking your ticket.

UPDATE: The coupon has now expired. Sorry folks.

Click here to book a ticket.


UPDATE 4-12-11: We just found another Heathrow Express 50% off code.

Use Code: HEXG2P


  1. monica says

    is there an expiry date or any restrictions? I just tried it and it still gave me the regular rate.

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