PMI PMP Certification: Your Best Chance at Successful Project Management Career


    According to the recent study by Project Management Institute, by 2027 businesses would have to fill about 2.2 million new project-oriented roles annually and you can increase your chances of being part of this group by earning the PMP or Project Management Professional certification. The PMP qualification implies that its holder is well-informed and has the competency to carry out project management practices using the approved and best principles. As long as you have a keen interest in seeing a project to completion even if you are not the project manager yet, then this certification is just right for you. Let’s now have a detailed look at this credential and its related assessment!

    What Is PMI PMP Certification?

    The PMI PMP badge is the one thing that will validate your project management skills to your potential employers, business partners, and your peers. It is the most internationally recognized project and product management credential spinning around various markets and sectors. Possessing this badge means passing one extensive exam that costs $555 and $405 for non-member and member of PMI respectively. Therefore, becoming a PMI member will save you some cash.

    Unlike other certifications that have no prerequisites, getting the PMP credential is a journey that requires your full commitment and field experience in project management. That’s why you should be keen to meet the following eligibility criteria before applying for the PMP exam: a 4-year college degree, 36 months’ experience in leading projects, and a project management training course for 35 hours or having the CAPM credential. However, possessing a high school diploma, 60 months’ leading project experience, and 35 hours of project management can also be substituted for the qualifications mentioned above. Once you meet either set of the qualifications, you can go ahead to schedule your exam, prepare for it using effective practice tests, and take it online at your own comfort. From the information above, it is clear that eligibility criteria for getting the PMP credit require a certain level of dedication and the test itself is costly. That leaves the question: why should you invest in getting the PMP badge? The next section highlights some of the reasons for doing so.

    Why Get PMP Accredited?

    In today’s world where there’s a lot of competition in the job market, having a certification may be just what you need to set yourself apart from the rest candidates and improve the quality of your life. This is because being the PMP credential holder:

    • Makes you a priority to employers and customers hence increases your chances of getting a job or clients.
    • Improves your chances of getting higher paying jobs hence improved lifestyle. For example, the PMI PMP certification can get you $106,101 yearly.
    • Implies that you have the necessary knowledge required to perform your duties effectively and this increases your work productivity.
    • Gives you an opportunity to become a member of a professional association where you can connect with other certified individuals and this may lead to better opportunities and professional networks.


    The PMI PMP certification holders are a growing community with over one million people being accredited. You can be part of this internationally recognized community by dedicating your hard work into earning this badge.

    Once you meet the requirements, the next stage is adequately preparing for your test by using prep tools such as practice tests, study guides, and training videos. Effective prep leads to you acing the exam and finally, the credential will be yours.