Liverpool Travel Guide

    Maxpinsoo / Pixabay
    Maxpinsoo / Pixabay

    When you think of Liverpool, what comes to mind first? The Beatles, Liverpool Football Club, or Anfield Stadium? Liverpool has become vastly popular because of all its tourist attractions. Earlier, it was an industrial city with very little entertainment and tourism. Now, it has evolved into a centre of music, arts, and food.

    There are hosts of places to visit and eat in Liverpool. While Liverpool attracts a lot of tourists, it’s also an excellent place for new immigrants. There are several large and small businesses in Liverpool for people seeking new employment. If you would like to better understand the rights and services, you should get in touch with an immigration solicitor in Liverpool.

    Before you make any travel plans and pay for bookings, please check with local authorities if these places are currently open. With the Covid-19 pandemic still raging across the globe, it is best to practice social distancing, wear a mask, and regularly wash your hands with soap and water.

    For now, let us look at some of the wondrous places that you can eat and visit when you’re in Liverpool.

    Royal Albert Dock:

    Since 2004, Royal Albert Dock has been a UNESCO World Heritage site waterfront. Albert Dock hosts some of the best Grade I buildings in the U.K. It is a beautiful reflection of the global importance the city has as a commercial port since the peak of the British empire. The historic commercial buildings, heritage waterfront, and cultural quarters are still known for their hustle and bustle. You will find plenty of eateries here to satisfy your hunger pangs.

    Liverpool Cathedral:

    Liverpool Cathedral is one of the UK’s best examples of Gothic revival architecture. It is the longest cathedral in the world and is also the largest religious building in Britain. With impressive stained glass windows, the vaulted ceilings make up the central tower, nave, and choir. On sunny days, you can see Merseyside, the scenic beauty of Liverpool, and many more.

    British Music Experience:

    Britain, over the past century, has seen an explosion of popular music. The British Music Experience is a museum in Liverpool dedicated to the evolution of British music. It contains the histories of the most famous music trends of British artists, with memorabilia, state of the art effects, and all the popular instruments in the last century. This museum is meant to show the rest of the world how Britain has impacted the global music scene.

    Merseyside Maritime Museum:

    The great port of Liverpool has seen the rise and fall of some of the best and largest steamers. The Merseyside Maritime Museum allows you to explore the rich history of the Titanic, the Lusitania, and Empress of Ireland, the galleries spanning four floors – the Emigration Gallery, Seized! The Border and Customs uncovered, the Battle of the Atlantic, the Art and Sea Gallery, and Liverpool: The World Gateway. It also hosts temporary exhibition spaces. This museum is also the home of the 2010 Michelin Maritime Dining Room.

    The Art School Restaurant:

    The Art School Restaurant has an exciting history. The restaurant is hosted in what was once a home for needy children. It has long since been revamped and refurbished to become home to one of the most popular and trendy restaurants in Liverpool. Extremely close to the Everyman Theatre and the Liverpool Philharmonic, this restaurant has seen its share of celebrities and VIPs. The food is tasty, and some of the things to look out for are the souffle, grouse, and their exquisite desserts.


    Roski in Liverpool is owned and run by MasterChef: The Professionals winner Anton Piotrowski. Roski has exceptional drinks, creative and beautiful cooking, and excellent service. They only use the freshest seasonal British ingredients to wow you with a gastronomic feast. Roski has a reputation for being immaculate – and the interior is drool-worthy. Ensure you carry your cameras for selfies and food photos.

    Panoramic 34:

    As the name suggests, Panoramic 34 boasts some of the best views of Liverpool. It is set 300 ft above sea level on the 34th floor of the iconic West Tower. Panoramic 34 is one the highest restaurants in the U.K. It has gorgeous floor to ceiling windows that offer exquisite views of the river, the city of Liverpool, and the region beyond it. They have delicious Britain-inspired food, a fantastic bar menu, and crafted desserts to suit all palates. Their seating is comfortable yet private enough to not feel cramped in close quarters.

    Apart from just the tourist attractions and the food extravaganza, Liverpool is also a top-rated shopping destination, a university town, financial and commercial centre.