4 Things That You Should Know Before Getting Your First Piercing


    No matter what age you decide to get a piercing at there are things you need to be aware of. Who is doing the piercing, what the pain is like, how clean is the place and the person doing it, etc You’ll want to go through the list of information from A to Z before committing yourself. You’ll also want to make a clear decision on what you want to get pierced. Some piercings are more visible than others so you’ll want to consider things like your lifestyle, work, and other factors when choosing what you want to be pierced.

    Thing You Should Know Before Getting A Piercing

    Getting a piercing is a form of self-expression. Many people have multiple piercings and other body modifications. The great with piercings is that they aren’t “permanent” meaning if you don’t like a particular piercing anymore you can take it out. There may be some scaring ie the whole doesn’t close completely or if the area discolors a little but it’s not as hard to get rid of unlike a tattoo.

    1. It’s Important To Find A Reputable Professional

    While it’s possible to do successful piercing at home that is much more about luck than skill. It is very easy to end up with scarring or cyst under the skin from a poorly done piercing. You should see a professional piercer as they have the necessary training to prevent either of these from happening. They will have the right tools and can access the best ways to proceed with your piercing.

    2. How Sanitary Is Your Piercer

    You want to ask questions. Find out how everything is going to happen. You’ll want to pay close attention to the sanitation aspect. Make sure that everything is clean and sanitized before and after use. You can easily get infected with unsanitized tools and equipment. Your piercer will also sanitize you before starting the process. Overall you just want to make sure that the place and person you’re working is clean and safe.

    3. The Pain Involved

    Get as clear as possible and understanding the pain involved. You’ll want to know what you’re getting yourself into. Pain is unfortunately a part of the process. For example, a nipple piercing or tongue piercing is going to hurt more than an ear-piercing. You should manage your expectations and know what’s possible to happen. Ask around and read reviews to get an idea of the pain involved with your particular piercing.

    4. How To Care For Your Piercing Afterwards

    You also need to know how to care for your piercing afterward. This is something you want to know before you get your piercing. Depending on what you get pierced you may have to be careful of certain activities for a few days or however long the healing process takes. Your lifestyle may not accommodate that. You’ll need to make your decisions and adjustments with this in mind. You need to handle your piercing probably afterward to avoid infection, scarring, and other related issues.

    Getting a piercing is exciting especially your first one. If you aren’t familiar with the process you should do your research and know what to expect beforehand. You’ll want to take good care of it and a professional piercer will also walk you through the steps.