The Romance of London and its Link to iGaming


    The story of London is a fascinating one. For one thing, it is a constantly evolving city and has led to new generations of people falling in love with the place.

    An element of ongoing romanticism has developed due to its presence across popular culture. You will see it referenced in films, TV shows and games. Surprisingly, however, London has also made an imprint within an up-and-coming sector: iGaming.

    In this article, we will explore this rich and varied history of London’s representation and then analyse where and how it could be represented in the future. We’ll be paying close attention to London’s relationship with the world of casino gaming.

    A brief history of gaming and gambling in London

    The first London casino was opened by William Crockford in 1828, with help from the Duke of Wellington. Dice games were the order of the day there for many years. If you fast forward to the 1960s, many will remember a decade that many saw as the golden age of gambling.

    In the twenty-first century, most casinos across London and the rest of the UK will see roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and poker among the most popular games. Visitors enjoy playing those games against and alongside each other, and this is something that has been replicated in the live casino online offering at sites such as Paddy Power. For example, you can recreate the feeling of trying to beat the dealer at blackjack.

    Developers have included elements of London’s culture in other online casino games. You can ‘Beat the Bobbies’ at the Tower of London on one online slot machine. The city’s presence across the genre does compare well with other popular places. However, it featured considerably less than Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Both are intrinsically linked with casino gaming, so that’s understandable.

    What would feature in a London-themed casino?

    When answering this question, you should examine what elements of London are famous. Big Ben, the Tower of London and the London Eye are all listed in an article with Hey Explorer as London’s most iconic and famous landmarks. There’s also its presence in film and TV.

    For producers, London has become a popular setting for a story of adventure and suspense. We all love the various adaptations of Sherlock Holmes and James Bond. Both franchises have become synonymous with the city.

    With James Bond, it became linked with casino gaming due to its presence in almost all of the 007 films. Both Holmes and Bond have featured in games before, so would be obvious choices if you wanted to develop a series of London-themed slot machines.

    The television programme that also comes to mind is Eastenders. The soap opera was first aired in 1985 and remains popular with several generations of audiences. It contains some elements that would work well in casino games. Imagine playing a game of poker in a virtual version of the iconic Queen Vic.

    With the best films and programmes now travelling the world very quickly, you can imagine that developers will start to pick up ideas for future games. You’d have to wonder if something popular today will be referenced in the games of tomorrow.