London’s Cultural History for the Travel Addict

    Big Ben with autumn leaves, London

    London is rich with culture, history and essence. Most known for the English era, the 1800’s, dukes, duchesses and ball gowns, travel addicts have the opportunity of a lifetime to experience what the country is all about. Here are some interesting facts and attractions about the country, perhaps you may discover something in which draws you to London, giving you your next travel destination.

    Bingo and What You Need To Know

    London’s most favoured past time is Bingo. In fact, there is even an artistic cinema located in Tooting, the building was built in the 1930’s and is called the Gala Bingo Club. Although the game of chance originated from Italy, countries around the world have adopted the passion for the game. The Americans created their own version and Londoners have made online Bingo their own!

    The Big Ben

    The Big Ben is one of the biggest tourist destinations and the history behind the landmark is simply mind blowing. The Great Bell is located at the north end of the Palace of Westminster. It was designed in 1859 and the designer, Augustus Pugin, intended for it to have a gothic look which is what has attracted admirers over the years. It was the largest bell in the world for a reigning 23 years until Moscow designed the Tsar Bell.

    Hyde Park

    Any hopeless romantic is familiar with the rich history of one of the most beautiful parks in the world. It was created in the 1500’s, way before novelists discovered the decorum and romance to occur by the river. What might come as a surprise however, is that the park was initially a deer park and used to hunt. It is now one of the biggest landmarks in the whole of London.

    The Language Capital of the World

    London attracts tourists from around the world and more often than not these tourists end up moving into town. Because of this, as one could imagine, the controversial crowd has made London one of the biggest language mixtures. Over 300 languages are spoken in London.

    The Home to the Smallest Statue

    That is correct! London may have been home to one of the biggest bell towers but it is now home to one of the smallest statues in the world. Philpot Lane holds a statue of two mice nibbling on cheese. What’s more is, the story behind the statue is dedicated to two builders who fell off a construction when an argument ensued regarding a missing sandwich. They blamed one another but the result of the cause of the missing sandwich was actually due to a mice infestation.

    The Bann Tourists Should Know About

    Trafalgar Square is one of the biggest tourist attractions, it was also a massive attraction for the pigeons which in turn led to tourists feeding them and the hordes came in daily. This resulted in a ban being placed on feeding the pigeons. Feed stalls were closed down and a hawk was even used to deter the pigeons from landing. This method proved successful and to this day no pigeons are fed there while onlookers can still enjoy the quiet views.

    On a Side Note

    London was transformed into one of the world’s biggest cities in the 1900’s. In just 10 short years the population jumped from one million to over 6 million. As one could imagine, there is so much history created by the people of London, making this city one of the riches more attractive tourist destinations in the world. So take a sneak peak and take the cyber tour of the above mentioned destinations.