Five Things To Do in London During Your First Visit


    London is one of the biggest cities in this world, which is why millions of people visit it every year as their favorite holiday destination. If you love to travel and enjoy a cosmopolitan experience of life, you must put your foot in London once. The city is famous for its intercultural diversity, love, and warmth. If you are visiting London for the first time, there are many things you must do. Especially when you’re on a short trip, it is better to be wise enough about the choices you make regarding tourists spots, food and culture. In this article we will suggest five things you must do in London.

    1. Visit the London Eye

    London Eye is an iconic look of England for the entire world. Your trip to London will be incomplete if you don’t visit this place. It was constructed to celebrate the millennium, but its giant Ferris wheel offers a beautiful view of the entire city. At night, the entire wheel shines with multiple colors that catch all the eyeballs around. If you’re in London for New Year, you must check the fireworks that light up. However if you are planning to visit the London eye don’t forget to visit the aquarium to see jellyfish, crocodiles, and seahorses.

    1. Enjoy the food

    Don’t forget to keep your body energetic throughout the tour. London has several restaurants and hotels that offer traditional and continental dishes to the locals and tourists. London’s food is famous all over the world, and people are madly in love with it. Furthermore, to have some fun time with your partner you can visit Opium London. You can enjoy several scrumptious dishes such as fish and chips, cottage pie, nugzilla, English breakfast and a lot more.

    1. Visit Chinatown

    Chinatown is sandwiched between Soho and Leicester Square which is close to the Gerrard Street. The town is famous because of its beautiful Chinese lanterns and mind-boggling red arches. This place is filled with several Asian and typical Chinese restaurants along with supermarkets. Chinatown unfolds something new for visitors every time they visit. If you want a slice of life from the Asian cuisine you must try the HK Diner to have a taste of the roasted duck. Along with that bubble tea is also served which is a signature drink of that place.

    1. Electric Avenue

    On your trip, you must visit South London to visit Electric Avenue which is a street in Brixton. It is famous because this street has the distinction of being the first market street in London to be lit by electricity. Eddy Grant made it famous by shooting his first song in this street and ever since this street has been a major tourist spot in London. It has its diverse food and culture which people are absolutely in love with. Brixton is also inhabited by many small scale businesses which sell unique, handmade materials which tourists can buy as souvenirs.

    1. Leicester Square

    If you’re obsessed with Hollywood stars, you must walk in the footsteps by paying a visit to Leicester Square. This place is well known for hosting premiers for the world’s most famous Hollywood films. There are multiple cinemas around the square and has some of the biggest screens in the city. There are many discounts available for tourists and locals during off-peak hours and summer vacations. Leicester Square hosts special celebrations for Chinese New Year


    Enjoy your trip to the fullest. A trip to London will surely make your travel experience worthwhile.