5 London’s most beautiful bars for a perfect evening


    What could be as beautiful as spending time at lottery sites UK? Probably only food, pleasant atmosphere and elite alcohol. And aside from casinos, only London bars or pubs can provide such opportunities.

    The first beer bars appeared in London 20 centuries ago during the Roman period. Subsequently, from the eighth to the sixteenth centuries, after the Romans had left, they were called “alehouse”. But we are much more familiar with their later name – “pub” (which means “public house”). It is this name spread over time around the world and began to be used for all typical English beer bars. London and other cities of the United Kingdom is simply impossible to imagine without them – only in the British capital there are about 2 thousand of such institutions. And all of them can please you with their refinement and wonderful atmosphere, especially when you spend your evenings in them.

    But there are also those that stand out, so we suggest you get acquainted with the most beautiful and impeccable bars in London.

    What does a London bar look like?

    For the British, a bar is a place where you can drink not only beer, but also strong alcoholic drinks. Cozy small room (up to 100 sq. m.), chalk board, frosted glass windows, bar counter with high chairs in front of it, darts target, friendly vibes – all this is a typical London pub or bar.

    You’ll also find many traditional European bars in Britain’s capital where you can try an original cocktail and watch sporting competitions on TV. So this list of the top five pubs and bars in London covers just a small part of the diversity and richness of local pub culture.

    Let’s take a closer look at them.

    London’s best bars

    ·       Ye Olde Mitre

    If you want to visit a typical English pub in London as it was five centuries ago you need to go to the crossroads of three streets: High Holborn, Charterhouse Street and Hatton Garden. Here in one of the narrow lanes Ye Olde Mitre is probably the best place among pubs with an authentic, colourful atmosphere.

    The old London pub, founded in 1546, consists of four small halls and a tiny courtyard with barrels serving as tables for London ale drinkers. Paintings of Henry VIII and other famous Englishmen adorn the walls of the main hall and whisky bottles hang from the ceiling. As well as beer, this English pub is well known for its hot and cold snacks at great value.

    ·       The Big Chill

    There are quite a few places in London where you can see popular musicians performing. One of them is The Big Chill near Regent’s Park. The stylish London bar is famous for its terrace on the flat roof. Contemporary musicians most often perform here.

    The price for food is on average 10-15 dollars, the assortment of dishes is close to fast food. But people do not come to this bar to eat, because the main thing here is the music and incendiary atmosphere. The main audience is young people. On Fridays and Saturdays they “break away” in the fashionable rhythms of hip-hop, disco and R&B. So Big Cheel is often called the best bar in London with live music.

    ·       The Coach & Horses

    Next door to Leicester Square, the Tube station between the Prince Edward and Palace Theatres, is a very interesting English pub. Its name, The Coach & Horses, invariably draws the attention of curious passers-by.

    The pub positions itself as a vegetarian pub. The price for main courses is $12-15 and does not scare away even budget tourists. Every Wednesday and Saturday, musicians come here and play famous tunes on the piano. The audience happily surrounds them and they all play English songs together. There are also comfortable places to have fun playing at Win Diggers Casino, drinking wonderful beers and just having a great time.

    ·       The Old Bell Tavern

    Hidden away on the famous Fleet Street, once the center of the British newspaper industry, is a typical London tavern designed by Christopher Wren. Nearby is another creation of this English architect – St. Paul’s Cathedral.

    The Old Bell Tavern was built for workers involved in the construction of St. Bride Church, located on the same site. Its architect was also C. Wren. Later the regulars of the tavern were printing workers and newspaper reporters. Now office workers like to congregate here.

    The pub’s regulars always choose Meantime London or Meantime Pale from its varieties of ales and lagers. There is also a wide choice of gin. The distillery is just across the road from the pub.

    ·       Mayfair Karaoke Box

    Tourists are always looking for a good karaoke bar, and London is famous for it. Karaoke Box Mayfair, located in a prestigious area near the Sotheby’s auction house, is the most famous and probably the best bar in this category in London.

    Seven rooms with seating capacity from 4 to 12 people are waiting for the guests. The constantly updated list of songs includes 12 thousand songs from ABBA and Backstreet Boys to Blur and Phil Collins. Even those of us who don’t speak perfect English are sure to find familiar tunes and lines. For a bite to eat, you can order pizza and get a cocktail to go with it, or an English beer.


    London is a place with dozens of cool and unlike each other establishments, so you should not stop at one, because you can definitely find the most suitable for you. Just visit a few of the places on our list and see for yourself that the options in each establishment are completely different, so you’re sure to love it in each of them! Welcome to each and every one.