The Best Hot Sauces Gift Set


    Getting a foodie gifts can be stressful: it always seems like they have the latest kitchen gadget or have already attended the trendy restaurant that just opened. This is why a chilli sauce present is always a good idea. Versatile and original, a hot sauces gift set offers your favourite gastronome a myriad of flavours and spices to play around with. To help you get the perfect gift, we’ve broken down the best hot sauces gift sets for hot sauce lovers. Plus, as most hot sauces are vegan and gluten-free, they’re often adaptable to many dietary requirements.

    Cholula’s Hot Sauce Variety Packs

    Straight from Mexico, Cholula’s original tangy original hot sauce has become a pantry staple in many households across Europe and America, Cholula’s hot sauces gift set is made for chilli sauce purists. Packaged in its characteristic bottle, the Cholula hot sauces gift set comprises five varieties that play on the original flavours, such as the citrusy Chili-Lime, smoky Chipotle or the Green Pepper version. Cholula’s popularity is derived from its universality. This hot sauce can be sprinkled on almost any dish to give it a mild kick, making it the ideal accompaniment and chilli sauce present.

    Condimaniac’s Hot Sauces Gift Set

    For particularly picky eaters, we recommend Condimaniac’s hot sauces gift set. The gist is simple: choose from five artisan hot sauces to create a customized pack of three chilli sauces. These sauces don’t always pack a ton of heat but they do have a lot of depth and flavour. Inspired by traditional dishes from around the world – such as Mexican corn salsa or a mango and pineapple base reminiscent of South-eastern Asia – there will be a sauce for every taste bud. All in all, Condimaniac’s hot sauces gift set is the ideal off-the-beaten-track chilli sauce present for hot sauce lovers with a penchant for groovy flavour combinations.

    Chilli No.5’s Dining Collection

    The Gourmet Collection is the ideal hot sauces gift set to satisfy even the most discerning and adventurous palates. Ideal for marinades, innovative fusion dishes or simply to elevate traditional recipes, these 10 artisanal recipes have been carefully created to offer the ultimate dining experience. Ranging from classics such as Sriracha, Louisiana BBQ and Harissa sauces to original creations like the Indian-inspired Forever Phall or Wasabi condiments, Chilli No.5’s Dining Collection is the ultimate chilli sauce present for hot sauce lovers. Plus, this Chilli No.5 set may be one of the healthiest foodie gifts on the market as the brand places emphasis on vegan and healthy ingredients packed with superfoods. This luxury hot sauces gift set comes in elegant vials, delivered straight to wherever you need.

    Hot Ones Hot Sauces Gift Sets

    Looking for the perfect chilli sauce present for a Gen Z-er, a chicken wing connoisseur or someone who spends a lot of time on YouTube? The Hot Ones packs are your solution. These hot sauces gift sets bring the iconic celebrity talk show Hot Ones show straight to your kitchen and present you with the option to choose from a variety of sauces featured on the web series. Hardcore fans of Hot Ones will especially appreciate the Challenge Pack, which contains some of the world’s hottest sauces. Expect a lot of California Reaper or Scorpion peppers, which are so spicy many foodie gift sets, no matter how original they are, often steer clear of them.

    Which of these hot sauces gift sets is your favourite?