4 Esports Events in London You Can Look Forward to This Year


    Esports tournaments have been happening all over the world for the last few years, ever since esports started truly gaining popularity. Gamers are getting the chance to compete with their fellows and win in a sport they enjoy.

    While there have been many tournaments that happen in person, several competitions are also taking place online, and this is where the biggest crowds generally flock to. Without the limitations of a physical venue, online venues are capable of pulling in huge crowds, accompanied by massive prize pools and all kinds of other attractions. Due to the demand, virtual competitions like the Thunderpick World Championship are garnering huge amounts of attention, and people from all over the world are looking to compete. It’s convenient to watch tournaments from home, and many people prefer this option.

    However, in-person tournaments shouldn’t be dismissed by any means! They’re also getting plenty of attention, attracting great competitors, and harbouring huge prize pools. London, in particular, is becoming a popular spot for esports tournaments.

    Esports enthusiasts are making solid plans to travel to London from all over the UK and even outside of the UK. Lots of fans want to get a glimpse of these competitive gaming tournaments and enjoy themselves.

    There are many esports events that happen in England’s capital every year. If you want to take a trip to London to get a taste of the gaming life, here are some popular esports tournaments happening in London in 2024.

    League of Legends World Championship

    The League of Legends Tournament started in 2011 and is one of the most popular gaming events. This month-long event happens each year. Players from all around the world participate in the League of Legends tournament virtually, ramping up the excitement year after year.

    This trending event will happen in November in London. With the championship being months away, you still have the chance to make plans and fly to London so you can have the time of your life.

    BLAST Premier Spring Final

    Players or teams who are experts in Counter-Strike compete in the BLAST Premier Spring Final, which is now coming to London. This exciting tournament is considered an important and prestigious event that will bring in a huge audience.

    “London is renowned for hosting world-leading events in sport, music and entertainment with the city now setting its sights on being a leading destination for esports,” Andrew Haworth, the Programme Director for BLAST Premier, said.

    “We look forward to working with London & Partners and Live Nation to achieve this aim. Bringing the first BLAST Premier arena event of 2024 to London is an important and exciting first step in this journey.”

    EGX 2024

    While EGX isn’t regarded as an esports tournament, it has held multiple championships over the years. Even if they don’t have a tournament in 2024, it may be of interest to many people. EGX is short for Eurogamer Expo and it’s an annual fair focused on video games – to be held in London this year.

    The first expo was in 2008 and the event has taken place every year across the United Kingdom and Germany ever since. EGX showcases an amazing collection of the latest games and gadgets for everyone. You can revel in the fun and exciting gaming events with other people.

    You can also get new insights about esports, and buy new merchandise and souvenirs like hoodies, t-shirts, and much more at the event. The hype for the event is serious, even though the dates for EGX 2024 are not confirmed yet. You can keep an eye out on their website or social media for updates if you want to go to this event.

    Halo Championship Series (Halo Infinite Major)

    The Halo Championship Series (HCS) is an annual tournament that has multiple smaller tournaments or online events known as Majors. Halo will be hosting the first Major event in Europe, which will be held in London this year. Just like the League of Legends tournament, HCS is one of the most popular events in esports.

    You can also participate in this event if you want to show off your talents in gaming. However, you can still enjoy a lot if you just plan to be a guest at the tournament.

    Attending this event in person is the best option as you can both enjoy the event and tour the city. However, they are planning to stream this event online so you can watch it on a screen from your home if you wish.

    Make Plans to Visit London this Year for Your Favorite Esports Tournament

    With some of the biggest esports tournaments in London this year, it would be a shame if you missed out on the fun. Many gamers know this; attending championships and tournaments in person has a different feel — just being there will give you an exciting vibe.

    There’s no doubt that you should definitely check out these esports events if you live in London. However, if you are travelling to London from another city, you can make an itinerary and plan to sightsee the city after you have had your fun at the esports tournaments, checking out places like the Albert Memorial, or maybe Buckingham Palace.