Why Your Small Business Needs A Website To Survive: Powerful Reasons To Go Digital


    The digital economy is now impossible for any small business to ignore. Whatever your business niche, a business website will boost sales and fuel your revenue. Today’s buyer’s carry out extensive research online before making a purchase.

    Without an online presence, you have no chance of taking advantage of that first, important step in your customer’s journey – your competitors will snap them up instead.

    Regardless of how little apart technology has played in your business operations so far, the actions needed to secure powerful digital branding and an impressive business website are surprisingly easy.

    With seasoned professionals, like Web Design London on board, you can sit back and watch as your business website unfolds. In fact, you’ll be surprised at how quick and easy it is to take your business online.

    Still not 100% sure?. Let’s take a quick look at the top powerful reasons why your small business needs a website to survive.

    1. Build Credibility

    With so many competitors out there offering similar services to yours, any opportunity to build customer trust and leave a lasting impression is of value – a business website is a major way to do this. Showing your company is credible, legitimate and professional is a pivotal factor when it comes to success online.

    Your business website provides an array of strong evidence to allay your customer’s fears, promote the merits of your products/services and prove you are a trusted, reputable company they should use.

    2.     Stronger Brand

    A business website displaying quality information curated to suit your business creates an impressive brand image impossible to overlook.

    As a physical representation of your brand ethos and values, your business website provides an invaluable platform from which you can build your brand in an infinite number of ways.

    Study the most notorious brands in the world, and you’ll find their high revenues are largely attributed to their strong brand image, rather than the merit of their services. With a high-quality website to sell your services to the world, you too can experience exponential growth.

    3.     Generate More Leads

    With so many potential customers browsing the web before purchasing a product or service, the opportunity to consistently grow your customer-base is incredible. In fact, according to the Office for National Statistics, over 30% of all retail sales in the UK for 2020(figures recorded to June 2020),came from online sales’ 1.

    Without a business website, you miss this continuous stream of people looking for a company that fits their needs.

    This never-ending pool of people is where your prospective customers lie. Your company website will enable you to stand out amongst your competitors, gain the attention of your target market and generate lucrative sales opportunities from the continuous flow of new business queries.

    In support, a wide variety of features on your website, ensure making contact with you is easy so you are guaranteed to generate tons more leads online.

    4.     Powerful Customer Service

    Lastly, your business website will streamline your customer service and reduce the amount of time you need to spend answering customer enquiries.

    Your website will form a useful resource hub, filled with interesting information and guidance for your customers. You can use content such as an faq page, blogs and information pages to create dedicated sections where you can answer the most popular questions your customers ask, alongside tips and advice you want to share.

    Creating a helpful resource for your customers, these reference pages save you the exorbitant costs of running a customer service center or delivering various customer services yourself. It also makes your website a destination for customers who can save valuable time and money by quickly locating the information they need instead of having to make a call or visit your premises.

    Delivering significant financial and operational benefits for your business, it’s easy to see why you need a business website. With 1 in 3 of all transactions taking place online 1, to continue without a business website for any longer is clearly a threat to the survival of your business.