Why you Need an Automated Parking System for your Business


    Your business’ parking system is important in many ways. This is the first introduction that most clients and visitors have to your business, and you do not want this first impression to be one of frustration and annoyance. Your parking system can also affect access control and therefore the premises of your business, as well as impacting on the health, wellbeing and productivity of your employees.

    Modern technology has given us some indispensible tools to efficiently and effectively manage parking systems. Here is why you need an automated parking system for your business.

    1. It will Improve Facility Management

    An automated parking system that includes vehicle detection and parking devices makes parking easier to manage, meaning that you can better control who accesses your site, and improve their experience when doing so. There are cloud-based systems available that allow businesses to access and control the system anywhere and at any time, as well as make changes as necessary, and easily access and analyse data about their car park usage.

    Often, the system can even automatically generate reports with comprehensive data about your carpark usage and trends. This data then allows businesses to better plan for how the parking is used, adapt capacity if necessary, and, in the case of paid parking, make changes to pricing as required. These systems are also generally very easy to use, making it simple for your staff members to navigate the system. For businesses that have their own vehicles, these systems can allow them to track vehicle usage and make sure equipment is being fully utilized, as well as track when maintenance is required.

    1. Better Security

    Using the latest technology means that you can improve security for both your premises, and for anyone who uses your car park. Such tools include intelligent sensor systems, CCTV, LCD video, and centralised command and supervision, boosting security across the entire facility. Centralised command centres also allow staff to be more responsive to users’ needs and quickly address any issues.

    These technologies also make it virtually impossible for unauthorised vehicles to enter your facility. Access control means that only authorised vehicles can enter, therefore protecting your property, your staff and your visitors. Many systems also include security alerts that are raised in real time to your business’ dedicated personnel to immediate deal with any incursions.

    1. More Efficiency and Less Congestion

    Automated parking systems make parking more efficient and therefore reduce congestion and other issues with traffic flow. For example, number plate recognition allows authorised drivers to access the car park area without needing to stop. You can also use tools like RFID to give automatic entry to certain vehicles, making parking speedier and more efficient, while making maximum use of parking space and resources.

    Digital signage and intelligent sensor solutions can be used to show car park availability in real time, therefore showing users whether space is available and reducing wait times. Furthermore, automated parking management systems eliminate human error that can mean mistakes with checking vehicles and permit parking.

    1. Better User Experience

    Automated parking systems give your users – whether staff, customers, or visitors – a better experience, meaning they will be happier and more loyal to your business. These systems make it easier to enter and exit the car park, meaning people can go about their business quicker.

    Digital signage also improves users’ parking experience, for example, by allowing them to instantly see when and where spaces are available. For paid car parks, these systems make it easier to take payments, improving the customer’s experience and building loyalty. You can also use these systems to implement customer loyalty programs that will grow your business.

    1. Cost Effectiveness

    Automated parking systems represent cost savings for businesses, even considering the initial investment to buy equipment and implement the system. Automated systems, by their nature, require less personnel to maintain and run, and therefore will save your business greatly on staffing costs in the long term. Automated parking systems can also help you to reduce expenses, by tracking and auditing usage of your facility. This allows you to identify areas that are not being used and therefore see which parts of your facility you need to supply lighting and ventilation, for example, and save on areas that you do not.

    For paid parking spaces, these automated parking systems offer a high return on investment by allowing these businesses to generate significant additional income. These systems improve flow and efficiency, allowing more users to be processed, and therefore more sales and greater profits. Because these systems also provide a higher level of customer service, the greatly help you to grow your business.