When should London Homeowners hire Pest Control Experts?


    Without a doubt, London is a wonderful city. People from all over the globe come to London to live, work and travel. 

    However, England’s capital city has a major pest problem. Experts estimate that over seven million rats live in and around the city, which can cause all sorts of issues for those who call London home. People have been trying to control London’s pest problems for several years. During Victorian times, a new London sewer was built. Ever since then, Londoners have had a serious rat problem. 

    To make matters worse, there are several other pests that cause London residents problems. You’ll find mice in commercial and residential properties throughout the famous city. There are millions of pigeons around London. These birds can spread harmful diseases, so it’s no wonder so many people call them ‘flying rats’. 

    Getting a good night’s sleep in London can prove challenging due to all the hustle and bustle, but if your home is infested with bed bugs, the chances of getting a proper night’s sleep is highly unlikely. 

    Do you see a lot of insects around your home?

    If you are lucky enough to own a London home with a backyard, check to see if you can spot lots of insects around your property. Lots of insects lay their eggs in backyards because they feel safe, so it is not surprising they use these areas to establish a colony. Pests often live in gardens to protect them against other insects that prey on them. 

    Examine your backyard for cracks. Ants tend to live in small holes in gardens, but don’t be surprised if you notice them hiding in a small hole in the walls of your home. These tiny bugs are experts at hiding in discrete areas because it protects them from harsh weather conditions. If you don’t stop the infestation during the early stages, it is bound to get worse. 

    If you are struggling to get rid of these insects, there are several pest control companies in London that will be able to help you out. Reputable pest control experts will have the proper tools, know-how, and experience to eradicate these unwanted guests from your property. 

    Signs that you have a rat problem in your London home

    If pests like rats or mice have managed to gain access to your home, then you should hear them running around, especially at night time. Just because you don’t see a rat up close, doesn’t mean they are not living in your home. 

    To tell if there is a rat or mouse infestation, look for the following signs:

    • Rat droppings: Most rat droppings have a dark, grayish color. If you think you have found some rat droppings in your house, take a photograph and send it to a pest control professional for expert advice. 
    • Chew marks: Rats use their two front teeth to gnaw on different materials. If you come across gnawed wood in your home, it’s likely that you have a rat problem. Examine your electrical wires for gnaw marks. Some big rats have really strong front teeth, which allow them to make holes in walls. Although a pest control expert will be able to get rid of the infestation temporarily, you will need to block any areas where the rats can gain access to your home. An experienced pest control company will be able to provide their clients with expert advice on how to keep rats at bay for the foreseeable future. 
    • Rats smell: If you notice a peculiar smell around your home, it could be coming from rats. They tend to leave a musty smell in areas where they live. Even after cleaning your entire home, getting rid of this nasty smell won’t be possible until the rats have gone. 

    Rats can spread harmful diseases, so homeowners should tackle a rat infestation immediately. Although a lot of homeowners have managed to eradicate the issue themselves, most people hire a professional to handle these pests. 

    Bed Bugs

    The last thing a homeowner in London will want is a bed bug problem. These nasty little creatures can cause a wide range of problems, and to make matters worse, they are difficult to detect. 

    Most people confuse bed bugs with other insects, and treating the problem can cause a lot of stress, which is why homeowners are advised to let professionals take care of a bed bug infestation. Just like a rat problem, people should do their best to get rid of bed bugs before it’s too late. They hitchhike rides on all sorts of materials, so they can easily spread to every room in your home in a matter of days. 

    Signs that your London home has a bed bug problem

    Very few people know they have a bed bug problem until they get bitten. If you suspect you have been bitten by a bed bug, you might be able to see a few tiny reddish bite marks. Sometimes they leave zigzag lines on their victim’s skin. These bite marks can make a person itch, and to avoid infection, people are advised to clean the bite marks thoroughly. 

    Trying to find bed bugs during the day is not going to be easy. These little monsters like to hide, and they only come out when it is dark. You might notice bloodstains on your bed sheets or tiny rust spots. As the bed bug gets older, their skin will start to shed. You might come across bed bug skin on your bedsheets. Take all the sheets off your bed, flip the mattress upside down, and see if you can spot any bed bugs hiding. 

    Even if you don’t find bed bugs under your mattress or on your sheets, you might still have a bed bug infestation. Look under furniture, examine your chairs, and under carpets inside your home. Because they like to hide in clothing, empty your closet to see if you notice bed bugs. 


    Anyone who has ever been to London will have noticed pigeons flying around the city’s sky. Not only do these birds spread disease, but they can cause extensive damage to your London property. 

    Although pigeon droppings might look harmless, their droppings can contain an enzyme that is known to corrode metals. Their acidic feces could cause permanent damage to your home’s structures. 

    If pigeons manage to gain access to your food, they could end up contaminating it.

    To avoid having to spend a fortune repairing your home’s structures, and to keep those living in your household safe, you should try your best to get rid of the pigeons. 

    Most pest control companies in London use a variety of aromatics and repellents. They use these to scare the pigeons off. If you want to take on the task yourself, you will find repellent gels available in stores throughout the city.

    Because pigeon feces can cause structural damage, you should clean it up as soon as you notice it. When cleaning, put on a pair of rubber gloves, use a stiff brush and some warm water.  

    Most London pest control companies have the tools on hand to eradicate a pigeon problem. Homeowners must remember that these birds can harm those living in their homes, and they can cause damage to their property.