What To Consider When Renovating Your Bathroom In Your London Home


    London properties are notorious for the limited room that they possess. You will likely be met with some fierce competition when you buy a property. Space for storage and good lighting are two key selling factors for any property, especially in London.

    One thing you will likely notice when searching properties is that some will have areas that require more work compared to others. Of course, it is likely that you will not find a property that suits your taste exactly how you want it. However, you might find somewhere that you feel has the potential to be the ideal home for you. After finding that place, putting in an offer, having the offer accepted, going through the legal process and finally picking up the keys and moving in –the fun of deciding what to do with the space begins.

    When renovating a property, it is often recommended that you invest in the areas that can add value to the property. These are the kitchen, the garden (if your property has a garden) and the bathroom. A bathroom can help increase a property’s value, and here’s how.

    • One Less Task – Potential buyers will see a newly renovated bathroom as one less renovation task that they have to complete. Although the property’s asking price might be higher, they will save time by not having to plan how to renovate the bathroom. Instead, they can look for ways to style the bathroom to suit their taste and style.
    • More Appealing – Seeing a modern-looking bathroom compared to an outdated bathroom is an attractive quality in a property. This quality is something that can help to influence the cost of the property by increasing it by a percentage or two. A modern or contemporary bathroom is more favoured by potential buyers, which helps to increase the asking price of the property.

    If you are interested in renovating the bathroom in your London home, here are a few things worth considering.

    What To Consider Before Renovating The Bathroom

    Updating the bathroom of your home can come with plenty of benefits. As mentioned, an updated bathroom is ideal if you are looking to sell the property in the future. However, updating your bathroom can be great for you, your partner, and even your family living at the property. If you are considering renovating your London home’s bathroom, these are a few suggestions to help you along the way.

    Establish A Budget

    Renovating a bathroom is not going to be a cheap project to complete. Of course, there are ways to make the project a little more affordable, such as the choice of materials, appliances and professionals. Overall, the cost will certainly be an investment you will make. Before you can move forward with the process of renovating your bathroom, you need to know what your budget is. The budget can help you to determine what is possible and what isn’t.

    When creating this budget, keep in mind that the cost might be more due to the area you live in. The materials you purchase or the help you invest in might cost more than in other parts of the UK. It is essential to keep this in mind when planning. With an established budget, you can begin planning out what is possible to achieve in your bathroom renovation project.

    Decide What You Want

    Before moving forward, you need to have a clear image in mind of the end goal. This should be what you anticipate your home will look like after all the renovation work has been completed. Using your budget, you can begin planning what areas you can afford to splurge on, where you can save and what is possible to achieve.

    Having an idea of what you want the bathroom to look like will help you with finding the materials and appliances you need to achieve this dream. With this plan, you can create a rough timeline for when things can be completed.

    Invest In A Professional

    Completing renovation tasks yourself can help to keep costs down. However, investing in the services and expertise can be worthwhile if you are not entirely confident in your capabilities. It could help you to avoid additional time and money being spent on repairing any mistakes that were initially made.

    When you need a plumber, you can find a London plumber here. MyBuilder can provide you with numerous contacts of plumbers in London. This can help you see your options and find the right plumber for you such as a plumber in brampton. In addition to a plumber, you might also want to hire someone to fit the flooring or the electrics. These tasks are best completed by a professional to help provide peace of mind knowing that the tasks were completed to an exceptionally high standard.

    Know What Is Possible

    As mentioned earlier, London homes are notorious for having limited space. It is likely that you will not be able to create the dream bathroom you desire. Unless you are looking to expand, you will have to be creative with how you design your bathroom. Reach out to a professional and ask for their expert opinion. They might help you find a unique way to get what you want, or as close to what you want as possible, without exceeding the budget.

    Use this advice to design your dream bathroom around what is possible. For example, you might have wanted a bath and a shower. However, it is not possible to have these as two separate things. Instead, you will have to consider a shower bath. It allows you to have a bath and a shower, but you will have to accept that they come as one.

    Consider The Added Value

    If the property is not your forever home, ensure that you are careful about how much you invest into any renovation work. The renovation work should help increase the property’s value, enabling you to make a profit from how much it sells. If you overspend on renovation work, you might find that the increased value does not cover how much was invested into the work completed. This can leave you losing a profit, which is something you will understandably not want to experience.

    When planning the renovation work, ensure that your budget allows you to make a profit should the transformation be successful. Like any renovation project, the chances are high that the project could go over budget. If this is the case, ensure that you have planned and prepared in advance in the event of this occurring.

    Enjoy The New Bathroom

    With renovation work completed and your London bathroom looking fresh and updated, you can begin to enjoy the labour of all your hard work and planning. A newly renovated bathroom can bring new life into a home. It can make a noticeable difference to a property after completion.

    If you decide to sell the property in the future, enjoy the new bathroom and hope that the work poured into it pays off. You can take the lessons learned from this project to your next. Renovating another bathroom in London of a property you have recently brought and moved into.