What Online Casino Bonuses Are Available For You?


    Most online casino websites offer bonuses to attract new customers to deposit money with them. It can be in the form of free games or deposit matching in cash. They can offer these freebies because the overhead cost is much less than land-based casinos and competition is cut throat. They use betting requirements and restrictions to protect their bonuses. There are mainly six types of bonus. Welcome or sign up bonus for new players, no deposit bonus, matching deposit bonus, percentage, loyalty, and refer a friend bonus. Casino online bonuses have become much bigger and better with the growing online gambling industry.

    Sign up or welcome bonus

    This is the first bonus offer to you when you sign up. It can be free spins or match bonus, but to be eligible for this offer you need to create a brand new account and should have never registered with them even years ago. Nowadays, every online casino offers a welcome bonus, so the myth goes you create a thousand new accounts and collect a thousand dollars and go home. For collecting bonus, you need to go through strict betting requirements created by the website. A match bonus means whatever amount you deposit on online casino the site deposit the same amount. Sometimes it may be as high as 500%. If you deposit 100$, the casino will deposit another 100$ in your online casino account. This bonus is given in installments as you play casino games in a restricted time.

    Free spin bonus

    Free spin bonus is common these days; it can be either deposit or no deposit bonus. A no deposit free spin bonus gives you the right to play 10-25 free hands-on particular casino game or in a slot machine. The number increases in deposit free spin bonus which can vary from 100-200 free spins. Once a deposit is made, you will be allowed to access free spin s but not in a single day. A certain number will be upfront and rest divided over a certain number of days. If you win some amount, it will be allowed to withdraw only after paying a certain amount as a fee. Every no deposit bonus attract certain betting requirements, an amount you need to bet on casino games before withdrawing from your no deposit bonus.

    Loyalty Bonus

    If you are a loyal and frequent player on particular online gambling sites, you will be rewarded with loyalty bonus from the site like sbobet88. It can be in any form like ongoing deposit bonus, free spins, and cash back on your loss or reward points. The more you get exposed to gambling, the more is the reward point. As it is common if you refer a customer to any company, you get a commission. You earn refer a friend casino bonus if you refer someone to the site and the person opens an account with them.

    There is no free Lunch

    As the saying goes, “There is no such thing as a free lunch,” this applies with full force in casino bonuses. Conditions attached to these bonuses imply you to bet more and subsequently taking more risk. A level headed approach saves the day.