What London-Based Premier League Team Offers the Best Tour of Their Stadium?


    As the city with the highest number of Premier League teams, London offers football fans a variety of options when it comes to stadium tours. With so many choices, you may be wondering which team offers the best tour. Let’s explore some top contenders and see which comes out on top.

    1. Arsenal – Emirates Stadium Tour

    The Emirates Stadium, home to Arsenal FC, offers a self-guided audio tour that takes you through several exciting behind-the-scenes areas. These include the home dressing room, the players’ tunnel, and the dugout. The tour also includes a trip to the Arsenal Museum, home to many exhibits from the club’s long and storied history. This immersive experience gives you an insider’s perspective on life at Arsenal FC. Why not stay for a game? You can buy arsenal Seatpick tickets online.

    2. Chelsea – Stamford Bridge Tour

    Chelsea’s Stamford Bridge tour offers a blend of rich history and modernity. Visitors can explore the home and away dressing rooms, the press room, the tunnel, and the pitchside. The tour includes access to the Chelsea FC Museum, an interactive journey through the club’s history with a host of player-specific exhibits. Stamford Bridge also boasts excellent dining options, adding to the overall visitor experience.

    3. Tottenham Hotspur – Tottenham Experience

    The Tottenham Experience takes you on a guided tour of the impressive Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. This tour showcases the state-of-the-art facilities, including the home and away dressing rooms, players’ tunnels, and the pitch. What sets this tour apart is the club’s Sky Walk, a thrilling attraction that lets you walk along the stadium’s roof for panoramic views of London.

    4. West Ham United – London Stadium Tour

    West Ham’s London Stadium, originally built for the 2012 Olympic Games, offers a unique blend of sporting heritage. The guided tour takes you to areas like the dugout, the players’ tunnel, and the view from the stands. An additional treat for visitors is exploring the remnants of the 2012 Olympics legacy within the stadium.

    The Verdict: Tottenham Hotspur Stadium Tour

    While all these tours offer a fantastic behind-the-scenes look at their respective clubs, the Tottenham Experience stands out for its modernity, breadth of experience, and unique Sky Walk. This tour is not just about the club’s history; it’s about creating memorable experiences, which it delivers in spades. There are, of course, all of the stadiums across the UK that you can also explore, but London is, by far, home to some of the best stadiums that you’ll find in the world. Old Trafford and Anfield are ranked some of the best stadiums to visit outside of London.


    Choosing the best stadium tour in London depends largely on what you want from the experience. Each tour has its unique charm, reflecting the identity and history of its club. But for a well-rounded and exciting tour offering something more than just football history, the Tottenham Experience at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium is hard to beat. Whether you’re a die-hard Spurs fan or a general football enthusiast, it offers an unforgettable journey through one of the Premier League’s most modern and innovative stadiums.