Wedding Etiquette: How To Ensure You Look The Part At A London Wedding


    London weddings are steeped in tradition, ceremony and style. For international visitors, such cultural experiences offer a glimpse into the pomp and pageantry of British custom, if one knows how to navigate them properly. This article serves as a primer for guests from afar on how to blend into the revelry of a London wedding with courtesy and confidence.

    Whilst a London wedding may appear rigid in formality to the uninitiated, entering into the spirit of celebration is key. Watch and learn as locals demonstrate the flow of ceremony and reception, when to stand or raise a toast, the language of flowers and other hallmarks of a most proper British wedding. Their strict etiquette simply comes down to centuries of practice.

    But with curiosity, patience and politeness as your guide, you’ll be easily able to navigate each custom with grace and delight. Here we lift the curtain on what to expect at a London wedding and how you too can play your role to perfection. You will likely emerge with stories of a most enchanting affair and a glimpse of London society. 

    Is there a dress code?

    Whether or not a London wedding specifies a particular dress code depends entirely on the couple and the religious or cultural traditions they wish to honour. The formality and extravagance of weddings can vary widely in London’s diverse, multicultural society. Some weddings may require an ultra-formal white tie or traditional religious attire, while others take a more relaxed, casual tone with a simple ‘come as you are’ directive.

    As such, the key determining factor for a wedding’s dress code is the couple’s personal values and preferences, not necessarily their social standing or ethnicity.

    British weddings tend towards rather formal or traditional dress due to their cultural custom of worship and ceremony. When in doubt, it is best to overdress rather than underdress for British weddings. The savvy traveller can’t go wrong with a polished suit or day dress and a perfectly-wrapped gift in hand, ready to celebrate in sophisticated London style.

    Do note that cultural conventions may require more conservative attire for places of worship. If the wedding includes a religious ceremony, do ensure outfits meet those standards before setting off. With proper preparation, you’ll blend right into the sea of wedding guests and gain a memory of quintessential British pageantry to last a lifetime.

    Accessory rules for men

    For the formal London wedding, smart accessories complete a gentleman’s polished look. Cufflinks in sterling silver or gold, silk ties and pocket squares in Wedgwood blue or burgundy add refinement. A crisp white shirt allows shirtsleeve cufflinks to shine.

    Waistcoats and cravats up the formality for morning dress. A silk cravat requires artful tying, so consider clip-on. A fitted waistcoat in grey with a subtle stripe or check pattern pairs well for daytime. For black tie, white dinner jackets call for black bow ties, cummerbunds and patent shoes.

    Handkerchiefs prevent beads of exertion on special days. Choose white linen handkerchiefs to accompany any formal outfit. Luxurious and foldable, a handkerchief makes a timeless gift as well. And no formal look is complete without a watch. Simple leather or mesh straps suit daytime formality. For black tie events, embellished straps add flair. Keep watches minimal and avoid digital faces which detract from tailored polish.

    With coordinated and perfectly-pressed accessories, a sharp London gentleman cuts a striking figure from ceremony to reception. Classic pieces in fine, natural fabrics are always tasteful choices and suitable for pairing across occasions. Invest in quality and wear for years to come. Let accessories elevate a look to properly celebrate momentous events.

    Should you bring a gift?

    Wedding gifts are sent to the couple ahead of the big day but set aside to be opened after the honeymoon. Cash gifts can be considered distasteful but attitudes around this are changing. Nevertheless, if you’re not feeling sure, thoughtfully chosen items for their new home or shared experiences are preferred.

    For the budget-conscious, consider a photo album or framed map with pins to trace their adventure. Items promoting skills or hobbies the couple enjoys, such as recipe books or leather journals, make memorable gifts at mid-range pricing. Luxury gifts need not be extravagant to delight – a set of monogrammed stationery or a donation to their favourite charity in their name are elegant yet personal touches.

    Thinking about etiquette

    The ceremony marks the couple’s official union, so etiquette is especially important to honour this solemn yet joyous occasion. Upon arrival, turn off your mobile and refrain from taking photos during the ceremony to avoid distraction. Respond to blessings and prompts as others do – stand, sit, recite – to participate fully without disruption.

    In religious ceremonies, share in hymns and prayers with reverence, even if traditions differ from your own faith. A British wedding in a place of worship may include communion or other ritual elements depending on the couple’s spiritual values. Prepare for services to potentially last upwards of an hour; focus on the symbolism and meaning behind each element rather than length.

    When the register is signed and the new Mr and Mrs are introduced, join in applause and cheers. Confetti or bubbles are often shared with guests to shower over the newlyweds upon exiting the ceremony. Partake in the merriment and capture photos with the couple during the celebratory reception.


    With tradition, ceremony and etiquette defining the experience, a London wedding offers international visitors a memorable glimpse into British culture at its finest. By understanding dress codes signify more than rules and that each custom, however unfamiliar, is a window into the couple’s values, you’ll gain an appreciation for the occasion’s pomp and pageantry.

    Watch and learn as etiquette comes alive through sealing the ceremony with confetti, offering heartfelt toasts when prompted and embracing each ritual element with patience and care. Though formality may appear rigid, at heart, strict etiquette protects what matters most – honouring newlyweds and the sanctity of this life event.