Videographer Rates in the UK: What Is Included in the Cost?


    If you plan an event in the UK like a wedding party or something else, it is good to hire a professional videographer. It is a professional, who will shoot and edit a beautiful movie about the occasion. This article clarifies who a videographer is and also provides recent data about videographer prices.

    Who is a videographer?

    A freelance videographer is a person who you hire to professionally film your event and turn it into a beautiful movie. They can select the most interesting moments and add some special effects and music.

    A cameraman’s salary in the UK depends on lots of factors, including their talent and experience. An important thing to take into account is professional equipment which helps to make very high-quality videos. There are some other aspects you need to consider before you hire a videographer in London or other parts of the UK.

    How much does it cost to hire a videographer?

    Freelance videographer rates in the UK start from about £40 an hour and get as high as £250. A promotion camera hire can cost £100 and above per project. An average videographer’s salary for a project can vary from £300 to £1000. The highest freelance videographer rates in the UK exceed £1500 if you hire a well-known cameraman.

    Some people cut the expenses and film the event themselves. If you have professional filming skills, you can do that, but keep in mind that you will miss the opportunity to spend time with the guests.

    The content is then sent to a video editor. Freelance video editor rates in the UK are 50% more expensive than a cameraman’s work. The best option is to hire one person to film the party and then edit the movie.

    Factors that determine freelance videographer rates in the UK

    Several aspects influence the cost of freelance videographer’s work:

    Length of movie

    The duration of the event is an important factor that influences the cost. Book a videographer for a couple of hours instead of the whole event if you want to make their service cheaper. Also, if the cameraman has to work in difficult weather conditions they might ask for an extra payment. The freelance video production will cost you more if the movie you need is long. To save the budget, ask them to film only the most significant moments.


    If you hire a videographer from a different location, you will need to pay transport fares and maybe find them a hotel. It is better to find a professional locally. A London videographer would generally be more expensive than a colleague from a distant town. But professionals from the capital usually have better qualifications and equipment.

    Visual effects

    Complicated special effects are beautiful and impressive but cost a lot. Some people hire a cheap videographer and think they can improve low-quality video with visual effects. Sadly, it is not the best way to do things. But if you want top-level content and not just an average amateur video, you should be prepared to pay accordingly.

    Type of event

    Filming a wedding is significantly cheaper than video production costs for a documentary. It does take talent and experience to catch the most touching moments of a wedding party, but the plot is not important here. But if there are more people, more angles and you also need to shoot the main conflicts and take many other things into account, the price is going to get much higher.

    Day & Season

    Usually, in the summer you will see the highest freelance videographer rates in the UK. That is because during high season videographers are high on demand. Most people schedule their events on warm seasons and weekends. To reduce the costs, arrange your event on a less popular date and book the videographer several months in advance. If their help is needed urgently, they will charge much more.


    This article learned who a videographer is and how much they charge for their service. You might think that the fare of a freelance videographer is a little too high. But hiring a professional to film your most important events is well worth the price. As a result, you will have a beautiful high-quality movie, masterfully edited to show your favorite moments.