Unknown Plant Shops in London You Should Visit


    The COVID-19 pandemic hit the world by storm in 2020. The businesses are closing massively, especially the small ones. All of this made a big impact on the economy worldwide, and London isn’t an exception. One of the trademarks of this big city are its plant shops, where you can find any plant you could imagine having.

    One way of supporting local businesses is by visiting the less known shops and help them survive. You could do this for one of the best UK betting sites, too. Thus, you could use our list and find the one that suits you, we’re sure you’ll be thrilled with them!

    Blossom & Threads, Brixton

    Staying true to its reputation, Brixton is a gather-round for plant shops of London. However, Blossom & Threads offers something different. This small, but well-respected store creates arrangements for events such as weddings or birthdays. You can hire them to beautify your big event, but you can also choose from a range of plants and ceramic pots in their shop.

    Cuemars, Shoreditch

    Most people associate Brick Lane with delicious food, and who can blame them? The wide horizon of food shops on the street makes up for one of the most beloved streets of London. However, skipping past Cuemars and checking out their plant offer would be a real shame.

    Given the fact that it is one of the most prestigious areas of London, the prices at Cuemars are a bit bigger. However, the service you get is top-notch. Not only that, but there’s also jewelry and house decoration available within the store. There’s something for everyone at Cuemars, and you can bring anyone with you knowing the end result will be positive once you leave the store.

    Prick, Dalston

    If you like Las Vegas and Nevada’s landscape, then you’ll definitely love this shop! A small place in Dalston is a home of all sorts of cacti you could imagine! The whole store is fully dedicated to cacti and it’s definitely worth checking it out for a unique experience. Everyone needs a cactus in their house, and you’ll find the ones you couldn’t dream of existing at Prick in Dalston.

    They also offer some nice and affordable pots, so you could find yourself with a full bag on the exit doors.

    Forest, Dulwich

    Completely on-brand with their name, Forest really does feel like, well, a forest.

    This shop really has everything you’ll ever need when it comes to greenery. As an additional bonus, they offer free potting services for their customers. But that’s not where it ends. Forest also offers luxury skincare and homeware. Visiting Dulwich could result in a bigger joy than you’d ever imagine, all thanks to this wonderful store.

    They also host events for all sorts of educational content so that you can take home of your garden like never before.


    At the end of the day, visiting either of these shops will leave you with a smile on your face. Not only will you be happy with your purchase, you’ll also help the small and struggling businesses that moulded London into what it is today.