Top Tips on How To Improve Your Social Life as A Tech Student in London


    Being a student can be pretty challenging – you need to focus on getting the best grades possible, maintaining a good social life, and getting in as many extracurricular activities as possible to boost your CV while trying to plan out a career path that’s right for you – it’s a tall order!

    This may all seem like a lot to juggle, but it gets even more difficult when you’re a tech student living in one of the most vibrant and exciting cities on earth…London. With assignments coming in fast from your very first year of university, it can be hard to enjoy the amazing city around you, but with these top tips, you can easily improve your social life without having to worry about any impact on your grades.

    Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Homework Help

    When you have too many assignments at once, it can feel like the whole world is against you. But you shouldn’t have to struggle in silence and worry about doing everything by yourself. A lot of students are overworked and, as a result, may search for “professionals who can write and complete my online assignments for me”.

    Asking for homework help isn’t something that you should feel ashamed of. A lot of students find themselves in a position where they’re not able to complete all of their work to the level that they would want, which leads them to go to the internet and googling “people who can do my assignment for me”. This search will help you find professional writers who specialize in writing assignments for students and can guarantee the grade you deserve without the need for any lost sleep or worry.

    Once you start freeing up some of the time that you would normally spend on homework, you’ll quickly find that you have a much better social life and more time to spend with your friends.

    Attend Networking Events in The City

    If you have aspirations of working in the tech industry upon completing your university degree, there’s no better place to be than London. London is a bustling tech hub that is home to an array of different entrepreneurs, start-ups, and tech professionals – but it’s up to you to seek these people out and network with them.

    Networking events are a great opportunity to put yourself out there and meet new people. We’d recommend looking at events that are especially for people in the tech industry, but you could also visit more general events that are open to all industries.

    Speak to the right people, and it could turn into a valuable connection that could lead to a job, reference, or exciting business opportunity in the future.

    Look Into Clubs and Societies at Your University

    Although there is an exciting tech industry in London, you shouldn’t ignore the possible connections you can make at university. Joining clubs and societies is not just a great way to socialize and make new friends, but it can also help to expand your professional network outside of the people you see in your lectures and seminars.

    Most universities will have a huge range of societies that students can join, some that are more educational, like engineering or technology clubs, some that are sporty, and some that are just about having fun. Choose something that interests you, attend all the socials, and you’ll quickly find a whole new group of friends you can spend your free time with.

    Look For Free Things To Do

    As a tech student living in London, one thing that you’ll have easy access to that students in other cities may not have is a huge range of fun, free things to do.

    If you’re stuck for things to do and your student loan is stretching too far that month, have a look online for free events happening in London – you’ll be surprised by how many there are. From free food to free club nights and events that are suitable for the whole family, you can easily have a great time without having to spend a single penny.

    Make Time For Your Hobbies And Meet People Along The Way

    One of the best ways to make new friends is to bond over shared interests, so if you want to improve your social life and make lifelong friends along the way, it’s often best to just be yourself and meet likeminded people along the way.

    For example, joining a sports club on the weekends is a great way to meet new people. It’s also a very social activity, so you can start going out for drinks with your teammates or meeting up with them outside of your regular training sessions. Similarly, if you enjoy going to bars, visiting the local museums, or just doing some arts and crafts on the weekend, if you put yourself out there in these activities, you’re sure to find others who are just as passionate as you.

    Use Dating and Social Apps

    You may not be looking for a date, but these apps can also be a useful tool for making friends and meeting new people.

    Downloading apps like Tinder, Bumble, or Hinge is the best place to start if you want to start dating new people in the city during your free time, but you can still use them if you’re in a relationship or not looking for a date.

    Bumble is a great example of using apps to make friends. They have the Bumble BFF version of their app, which is specifically used to make friends. Like you would with a regular dating app, you create your profile and will be matched with people who are similar. Once you see someone who looks like they could be a good friend, swipe right and start chatting!

    Being a Tech Student is The Perfect Way to Make Friends

    Whether you’ve moved to a new city or just want to expand your friendship circle, it’s important to have a group of friends in London that you can rely on, especially when you’re feeling stressed and overwhelmed as a tech student.

    Prioritizing a work-life balance is important as a student, so make sure you’re putting time aside to spend with your friends and enjoy your hobbies. Living in London can feel like a dream come true for some people, but it can quickly turn into a nightmare if you just spend all of your time studying. If you follow the tips we’ve mentioned above, you’ll have a vibrant social life in no time, full of plenty of new friends and professional contacts.