Top Eco-Friendly Ways To Travel In & Around London


    Greenhouse emissions are the biggest contributor towards the ever-growing carbon footprint on the planet. The modes of transport that we use to travel in and around our cities contribute a huge percentage of carbon emissions. In London, there are many different ways that you can travel around the city such as via bus, taxi, or tube. However, there are many more eco-friendly ways to travel such as using the London cycle hire scheme to get to your favourite areas around the city. If you are a person who loves to travel, sight-see and explore, you are probably asking yourself, how can I get around the city without polluting the environment? After all, we only have one planet so it’s best to try and protect it and preserve it for future generations to come.

    One of the easiest ways to become more environmentally friendly is by reducing your carbon footprint when you are in the city. Switching up the way you travel in London is just one way that you as an individual can help to reduce carbon emissions. Rather than taking trains, buses, or taxis, why not see which alternatives you can start using in your routine? By choosing more eco-friendly methods of transport, such as cycling, skating, or carpooling, you are able to reduce the amount of diesel and petrol that is used in the city.

    Choose to cycle or walk around the city

    When you are travelling in London, it can be all too easy and tempting to use the tube to get to where you need to be, especially if you have to travel right to the other side of the city. But if you are making shorter trips, why not get some exercise instead of hopping on a train? Some tube station stops are within a five or ten minute walk of each other, which means that it can be quite easy to just cycle or walk to your destination instead. London is one of the most bike-friendly cities and people are encouraged to acquire and use bicycles, whether their own or one that they have hired at a hire point in the city. If you choose to cycle a few miles, you will be drastically lowering the pollutants being released into our atmosphere. The Government cycle to work scheme has definitely allowed more people to start cycling to work across the country.

    Get your daily exercise by skating to your destination

    If you are not going to travel for a long distance, you can also use other fun ways to travel such as using skateboards or rollerblades. Skating around the city not only helps to reduce carbon emissions but is also a fast and fun way to travel and get your daily exercise. However, you might need to be wary during peak periods where pavements are a little too busy to skate on. Skating is not only an eco-friendly way to travel but there are also many great places to skate with friends around the city too. South Bank Skate Space is just one popular and creative space where you can enjoy skating near the River Thames.

    Share a car with friends or colleagues

    Although we all may want to try to adapt to eco-friendly ways of travelling, sometimes it might not be possible. If you definitely need to use a car to get around London, why not carpool instead? Carpooling can help lower the carbon footprint as less cars will be on the road. If there are three or four of you heading to the same location in town, then one car is always better than taking multiple. Not only will sharing a car be environmentally friendly but it could also help reduce the amount of traffic if more people have the same idea. When travelling around London for any reason, always remember that there are alternative ways to travel that can help save the environment. Next time you need to get somewhere in the city, stop and think about whether you really need to drive, get the bus, or get the train to get to where you need to go.