Top 5 places to visit in London during autumn


    London is most beautiful during autumn when the leaves have turned gold, and the bars are serving cozy meals and beers over a crackling fire. It’s a great mix of the vibrant summer months and gloomy winter season, perfectly brought together by London’s autumn cultural calendar. If you plan to visit London during autumn, you will still have tons of places and sceneries you can visit for a great time. These tips show you some of the best places to vacation during the season.

    1. Regent’s park

    If you’ve watched the film The King’s speech, then you must have an interest in visiting this royal park. See the vivid colors and nature around you, and the leaves turn into gold, yellow, and orange, perfectly marrying the green grass. Located in the city center, the park is easy to access from your hotel room or favorite Airbnb.

    1. Fulham Palace

    Fulham Palace was a favorite for Bishops of London, and it’s bound to be your favorite as well. The building gives an illusion into the architecture London fancied over 500 years ago. Take garden walks, riverside walks, or enjoy a classy cake from the palace café. Book a spot and have your wedding photographer take some epic and memorable shots on your special day in an iconic place. The lovely colors from the trees will give your photos a hue of love, hope, and sunshine, something you will live to remember.

    1. Primrose Hill

    Primrose Hill is considered the most beautiful place in London by tourists. It would be a loss if you didn’t get a chance to visit and witness firsthand just how breathtaking it is. It’s a great place to visit all year round, but autumn colors take it to another level of beauty and romance. There is nothing better than enjoying autumn colors on a hill, as you watch the sunsets or sunrises.

    1. London’s Museums at night

    London is known to host some of the most iconic night in their museums during autumn. The museums are usually eager to show off their treasures in quirky ways. The best highlight is spooky Halloween-themed tours, immersive workshops, and film screenings. Don’t worry about denting your pocket because most of the entrances are free. However, some of the special events may see you pay a small fee.

    1. Lord Mayor’s show

    This old civic procession is a great way to get in touch with the history of the city you are visiting. The tradition goes back 800 years to commemorate when Lord mayor was newly-elected and went to Westminster to swear loyalty to the crown. The show has over 600 people participating, including marching bands, carriages, inflatables, military detachments, ceremonial displays, and dance troupes. They incorporate London’s heritage and modern dynamics to create a spectacle you wouldn’t want to miss.

    Autumn may come with shorter days and colder temperatures, tempting you to stay indoors. However, there is so much you can enjoy as you make new memories under some of the most beautiful natural colors.