Top 10 Fun Ideas for Anyone Planning a Visit to London


    By Stephen Abiola

    The city of London is brimming with art, architecture, and a rich history to explore on your vacation. However, you may get stuck for fun ideas on your next day out in the English capital city. To help you figure things out, we have rounded up a list of some fun ideas on what to do in London for free or with a budget. Keep scrolling!

    1. Visit Frameless

    Do you appreciate art? Well, with just a single ticket, you can enjoy 40+ art masterpieces and four galleries presented in a way that will immerse you in the art. Frameless takes you inside the galleries of some of the world’s best artists, including Van Gogh, Dali, Cezanne, and Monet. After feeding your eyes, you can catch a moment at the on-site café bar before taking home some memories from the curated shop.

    2. Go on a Ghost Bus Tour

    With as little as €32 per person, you can book a ticket for a comedy horror ghost bus tour around London. The Ghost Bus will take you around town for spooky sightseeing as you get some thrilling insights into the city’s most iconic attractions.

    Besides seeing the heart of the city, you’ll get a glimpse of the West End, London Bridge, etc. The bus also has on-board actors and technical trickeries to create the spookiest tour you’ve ever experienced. Note that the tour lasts an hour, and you can cancel the ticket within an hour for a full refund.

    3. Visit the Royal National Theatre

    The Royal National Theatre, or simply the National Theatre, is one of the most prominent buildings in London. Opened in 1976, this building makes the list of one the most loved and hated places in the UK. It features unique and controversial architecture and has been a preferred destination for the city’s culture for years.

    You’ll find many exciting activities inside the building, including foyers, which are open to the public. The building has large restaurants, bars, exhibition places, and a theatrical bookshop. There is also a place for large-scale public arts from the community. It’s an excellent place to visit with your family.

    4. Tour the Tower of London

    The Tower of London is a popular venue in the history of the United Kingdom. Located north of River Thames, Central London, this building was erected towards the end of 1066 by William the Conqueror. The building symbolised the oppression of Londoners by the new Norman ruling elite.

    Today, the Tower of London is among England’s most popular tourist destinations. Tourists can marvel at armour displays, Royal Menagerie, and Crown Jewels. You can also visit the six ravens inside the Tower, whose presence is believed to protect the Tower and the Crown.

    5. Play at the Hippodrome Casino

    If you’re a fan of playing slots and table games, a trip to London provides you with an opportunity to visit one of the world’s most popular entertainment venues, Hippodrome Casino. Inside this iconic seven-floor building, you’ll find three casinos, a Baccarat lounge, and a dedicated poker floor.

    Hippodrome Casino also takes things further by offering an online platform where players can enjoy all their favourite games from the comforts of their homes. Indeed, the online casino industry has seen a tremendous rise in interest across the world. While the UK is certainly one of the industry leaders here, the new online casinos Canada has also promise high-quality entertainment with their generous welcome bonuses for new members.

    6. Go on a River Cruise

    This is one of the best ways to explore the River Thames and view the marvelous city. The 24/7 river pass allows visitors to hop on and off the city’s main destination piers, including the Tower, Greenwich, and London Eye.

    For as little as €26 per person, you can book a seat in the all-weather boats and enjoy unlimited travel within 24 hours. The boats offer panoramic vision, thanks to the open deck areas perfect for photographing the city’s famous sights. You can also enjoy on-board refreshments and snacks, although at a small fee.

    7. Harry Potter Walking Tour

    Are you a die-hard admirer of Harry Potter? Booking a Harry Potter walking tour should be a worthwhile adventure in the city. You’ll experience the magical side of Edinburgh during the guided tour as you visit the venues that inspired best-selling Harry Potter books by JK Rowling.

    The tour guide will explain Harry Potter’s origins and where Lord Voldemort is buried. You’ll also discover the original Hogwarts schools and learn about what inspired Quidditch and Diagon Alley.

    8. The London Eye

    A trip to London is never complete without stopping by this iconic landmark. Sitting beside Big Ben, the London Eye is among the most visited places in the city. The site is unique and cool, leaving you with memories that will last forever.

    You can take a captivating ride at one of the world’s tallest observation wheels as you enjoy breathtaking city views. The ride will give you a 360-degree view of famous landmarks like Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament.

    9. Marvel at God’s Own Junkyard

    Are you still searching for more trip ideas? Explore God’s Own Junkyard tucked away in North East London. This hidden venue is one of the best places in the city to take some amazing Instagram photos. God’s Own Junkyard attracts approximately 1,000 visitors every weekend.

    Here, you’ll find 1,000+ neon pieces jammed together in a single space. Some pieces and art galleries inside this warehouse have played vital roles in Hollywood movies, and you can buy or rent some of the pieces for upcoming events.

    10. Join a Silent Disco Party

    Attending a silent disco party is definitely worth trying out on a visit to London. Although these parties resemble traditional nightclub parties, the music doesn’t blast from the speakers. Instead, the DJ will entertain you via wireless headphones.

    One of the best places to enjoy a silent disco is the Natural History Museum, with an entry fee of £30. You can also book a silent disco boat party at the Dutch Master and cruise on the River Thames.


    These are some of the fun activities to do in London. Of course, the list is endless! You can visit the British Museum, West End, coffee shops, and other destinations. Just remember to plan your budget in advance. Good luck and have fun!