Tips for London Airport Transfer


    London has six international airports, which makes it more difficult to find the right transport. We have some tips on the best ways to get between London and your Airport.

    Public transport

    Public transport is usually the cheapest way to find your way into the city. But is not always the best way. Using public transport can take hours and a lot of changes on the way, so make sure you plan your trip far in advance.


    Trains are often the fastest way to get to the centre of the city. They go regularly and are pretty reliable. They can be a bit expensive (a private transfer should be cheaper if you have 3 or more people) and you might have no option about where you arrive in town. So make sure to prepare for the final part of your journey to where you actually need to be.

    Coach and Bus

    Always check the options for the Bus as they are cheaper than the train and go often. The downside is that they make a lot of stops in town which can make them quite slow. If there is a stop close to your destination, then you are in luck. Otherwise, you might have another journey which can be difficult with luggage.

    Private transfer: Smartzi

    There are now lots of international platforms to book your private transfer, but going direct to a local operator is always cheaper. Our inside tip is to check Smartzi for your Airport Transfer with meet and greet at the Terminal. They are cheaper than the others in London and their drivers work with international operators so they are very reliable. They have an App you can download and live track your trip, so you can travel stress-free.