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    If you want to instantly calculate the potential profits of all of your bets then we recommend that you use the new site at There are several different betting calculators available that will help you to decide what betting strategies to use.

    Why use

    Using will help you to calculate different bets that you want to place to see the potential profitability in an instant. Calculating different bet strategies manually can be very time consuming and take a lot of effort. With all of the bet calculators available at this site you can effortlessly calculate all of your bets.

    How do bet calculators help you?

    If you are serious about your sports bets then it is likely that you will want to try different types of bets to maximize your potential profits. Instead of trying to calculate different bets manually, you can use the fast and accurate bet calculators at and get the results that you want almost instantly.

    When you are placing bets on sporting events it is important that you do everything possible to minimize your risk. Using accurate and reliable betting calculators can help you to achieve this. Also, you can compare the results of different bet strategies quickly to ensure that you can maximize your profits.

    What is available at

    The first thing to say about is that it is intuitive and easy to navigate around. There are a range of betting calculators available to you which include an odds convertor, calculators for matched betting, calculators for horse race betting, and calculators for parlay bets.

    If you are into match betting then the following calculators are available:

    • Lay bet calculator
    • Free bet calculator
    • Dutching 2-way calculator
    • Dutching 3-way calculator

    A lot of people like to place parlay bets and the calculators available for this are:

    • Trixie calculator
    • Yankee calculator
    • Lucky 15 calculator
    • Lucky 31 calculator

    Horse race betting is very popular and there are a range of betting calculators to help you. There are Exacta, Trifecta, and Quinella bet calculators, a Superfecta bet calculator, a Super Hi-Five bet calculator, and an Each Way bet calculator. Also you will find a very accurate odds convertor.

    How to use the betting calculators

    It is very easy to use all of the betting calculators available at All you need to do is to choose the bet calculator that you want to use, and then enter the necessary data following the instructions on the page. To obtain the result instantly, just click on the Calculate button.

    Let’s say that you want to use the odds convertor. You have to enter data into one of the first 3 fields for the bet type (American, decimal, fraction) and then enter the amount that you will stake on your bet. Then click the Calculate button and all of the information you need is instantly displayed. There is a Reset button to clear all fields and start again.

    Finding the most profitable bets with bet calculators

    You can use the various betting calculators at to identify the bets with the best profit potential. It is quick and easy for you to compare different betting strategies by using the calculators as you get the results almost instantly.

    Potential issues using

    The high-quality bet calculators available at work on a “garbage in garbage out” concept. This means that if you don’t enter the correct information into the required fields you are not going to get accurate results.

    We recommend that you check the information that you enter into a betting calculator at least once so that you can reduce the likelihood of human error. You need to check that you are entering the odds from bookmakers accurately and in the right format.

    What else can you use bet calculators for?

    If you follow betting guides or subscribe to a betting tipster service then you can test out the profitability of different bets using the calculators at Perhaps you want to provide your own tipping service or guides? Using the betting calculators will help you to do this.

    Final words

    Forget about calculating the outcome of bets manually as this takes far too long. Just use the reliable and accurate betting calculators at to do all of the hard work for you in seconds. It is really easy to use all of the betting calculators and there are full instructions for each one if you are not sure about something.

    It is a lot easier to maximize your betting profits and minimize your risks when you use high-quality betting calculators. In addition to this, the use of the bet calculators at will help you to bet more responsibly because you will make informed betting decisions. The future of betting will rely on accurate betting calculators.