The most innovative hair transplant techniques comes from Turkey


    Only a few people know it, but hair transplantation now has the lion’s share of the medical and aesthetical field. More than many other cosmetic treatments, demand for hair loss surgery are on the rise. This to such an extent, that new clinics specialized in baldness treatment have been blossoming almost all over the world.

    The oddest thing is that baldness issues – alongside the social issues and personal insecurities that go with it – are not a recent discovery. Today, and probably more than in any other historical era, the way an individual shows up to the world outside can seriously affect his life in every aspect, including personal fulfilment, social inclusion and success in the workplace.

    Nevertheless, the last decade have seen hair loss treatments becoming widely spread. This thanks to the advances in this kind of medical procedure have made it cheaper. Hence, those who couldn’t benefit from a hair surgery in the past can now afford an appropriate treatment for their condition.

    Hair transplantation in Turkey: a booming field

    However, not everything is so perfect and easy as it sounds. In many areas, for instance EU countries, UK, Middle East and North African countries – the cost of a full baldness treatment remains an issue not only for the working class but also for the middle class people. And this is the reason why many people around the world are starting to look beyond their countries’ borders. By doing so they found a sort of Eldorado in Turkey: thanks to its cutting-edge hair loss clinics. This at a price that is much lower than those charged – for example – in almost every other European country. –An option that is as easy as taking a pill is finasteride. The best supplier for these is online at Numan

    This growing influx of people coming to Istanbul – that has, to the present day, more than 350 hair loss clinics – to undergo a hair transplant, has pushed many Turkish clinics to focus on their research sectors. The aim is to provide their customers with brand new techniques, that enhances the overall quality of the surgery.

    Istanbul is thus about to become renowned not only for the fact that baldness treatments are cheaper there than in the rest of Europe. But also because its hair loss clinics are a forefront of excellence when it comes to research and innovation in this field.

    SDHI hair transplant in Turkey: what does this method imply?

    Probably the most innovative technique currently recognised in hair loss therapy has been invented in Turkey. The SDHI hair transplant method brilliantly combines the Sapphire technique (that uses sapphire blades for the extraction of separate hairs, instead of the ordinary steel blades) with the DHI (or Direct Hair Implantation) method (currently the most innovative transplant methodology). This technique is an absolute novelty among the hair transplant methods performed in Turkey and clearly has a lot of benefits :

    • Allows to achieve a higher hair density;
    • Greatly lowers the risk of possible scarring;
    • Has the highest growth rate for the transplanted hair.


    Of course, the SDHI technique being so recent it still has to become popular among the potential patients that choose Turkish hair loss clinics for their treatments. But this shows that constant innovations are helping Turkey to become the “next big thing” in the hair transplant industry. (hier waren wir uns nicht sicher ob die SDHI