The Most Iconic Modern Buildings to see when in London

    sopwithxiii1918 / Pixabay
    sopwithxiii1918 / Pixabay

    London is not only the largest city in England and the United Kingdom but also the Capital of England. London boasts of rich architectural heritage. It is one of few cities in the UK that perfectly combines and balances the grandness of traditional and modern buildings. London offers all visitors an exquisite beauty of its historic buildings, among them are Hampton Court, Spencer House and the Empire Casino; the latter is one of the oldest and most grandeur casinos in London. Given that the popularity of online casino in the UK is on the rise, land-based casinos are still visited by many.  When it comes to modern architecture, London does not fail to surprise its modern architecture lovers either. Buildings like the Shard and Fenchurch Street are just a few iconic modern buildings you will find in this city. In this article you will get to know more about five of the most iconic modern buildings that you can visit in London.

    The Shard

    Standing over 309.6 meters, the Shard is the tallest and one of the most spectacular buildings in the United Kingdom. This is a 72-storey skyscraper located in Southwark, London. Construction began in March 2009 and was inaugurated in 2012. Energy efficiency was one of the factors that architect Renzo Piano had in mind when designing the building. This is indeed a modern building with an exclusive design.

    City Hall

    As the leading architects of City Hall, Forster + Partners did a great job in designing this structure. Located between London Bridge and Tower Bridge, the particularity of this building is its ability to maintain the temperature in an environmentally friendly way. In fact, it is energy-saving and reduces carbon emissions.

    20 Fenchurch Street

    This is another iconic modern buildings of London. When designing this building, Rafael Viñoly must have had beauty in mind. It is one of the few sky scrapers in London with a distinctive design. This 38-storey building has been nick-named the Walkie Talkie because of its resemblance to a radio handset. The construction was completed in 2014 and inaugurated a year later.

    Lloyd’s Building

    Home of the insurance institution, Lloyd’s of London, Lloyd’s building is a modern architectural building. It is located in Lime Street, and it is a perfect example of Bowellism architecture. Richard Rogers and Partners are credited with the design of this building. If you love modern architecture, then this building will certainly fascinate you because of its breathtaking design.

    The Gherkin

    Dubbed as the most recognizable part of the London skyline, the Gherkin is another iconic modern building. The popularity of the Gherkin began when it was opened in the early 2000s. The name ‘The Gherkin’ is because of its resemblance to the specific food. Designed by Norman Foster, the Gherkin has open shafts that help in reducing light costs. This is because they allow available sunlight to have a deep penetration into the building. This is one of the reasons why this iconic building is popular.


    A lot can be said regarding modern architecture today. If you have a keen interest in modern architecture, you should consider a tour around London. It boasts of modern buildings that have unique designs. For instance, the Gherkin and Lloyd’s buildings have very exemplary designs. You will also realize that 20 Fenchurch Street, City Hall, and the Shard are among the few iconic modern buildings in London.