The dos and don’ts of British football etiquette


    Football is a beautiful sport. It’s full of moments that go down in history – such as the Lionesses’ Euro 2022 victory. Yet it also tends to bring out our tribal instincts.

    That’s probably why so many people love to watch football live. Data from Statista shows that a total of 15 million people attended Premier League football in the 2021/2022 season.

    Yet despite football’s dark side, spectators should and can behave well. Just take the brilliant example Liverpool FC fans set at the 2022 Champion’s League final at the Stade-de-France in Saint-Denis.

    Having some basic rules of behaviour go a long way to help this happen. Below, we’ll be sharing our most important football etiquette tips.

    Dos of football etiquette

    • Follow the rules of the stadium

    The rules of most stadiums are similar. Stay off the pitch, no glass bottles, no drunkenness – these are basic rules you’ll find everywhere.

    Even still, it’s worth researching the specific rules of the stadium you’re attending. The last thing you want is to get in trouble with security because you made an unwitting blunder.

    • Stay seated

    It’s best to remain seated for most of the game. Otherwise, you’ll make it difficult for the people sitting behind you to see the pitch. The only time this changes is when the match has reached a critical moment, like during a penalty or when a goal is scored.

    • Be mature

    We get it – you love your club. But keep things in perspective. It’s alright for kids to think that football is the most important thing in the world. But this certainly isn’t the case for adults. Regardless of what’s going on in the match, remember to carry yourself with decorum.

    Don’ts of football etiquette

    • Throw things

    This is so simple. Yet far too often, players referees and even other fans are injured because of troublemakers throwing things at the pitch. It’s dangerous and, quite frankly, undignified. Don’t do it.

    • Leave a mess

    No leaving it for others to clean up. You wouldn’t do this anywhere else, so why do it at a football stadium? It’s so easy to put your own rubbish in the bin.

    • Wreck things as you leave

    It’s common for fans to leave destruction in their wake after leaving a football game. This is especially the case for large groups. Remember that people live in the areas around stadiums. How would you like it if someone trampled all over your front garden and knocked your bins over?

    Football games are intense and it’s easy to get carried away. But by following our simple rules above, you can enjoy yourself and help contribute to a civilised experience for all. Which football etiquette dos and don’ts would you add?