The Best Hair Extensions For Short Hair


    Just because you have cut your hair short does not mean you can still not enjoy the perks of long hair and fabulous hairstyles. Yes, you heard it right! All this can be possible with the help of applying a hair extension to your natural hair.

    This will not only help you to add volume and length to your hair but will also give you a new and fabulous look without even getting into much hassle. This means that you do not have to wait for your long hair to grow back.

    There are several different types of hair extensions that are best suitable for short hair, and you can easily use them with feasibility. Some of these types are given below:

    Micro Rings Hair Extensions

    If you have short hair and you would like to add a natural blend with hair extensions, the micro rings or pre bonded hair extensions are the perfect answer for you.

    Since these types of hair extensions lie flat on the head, they are perfect for women with short hair, making their hair look natural and the hair extensions almost invisible to notice.

    However, one thing that needs to be made sure at the time of the application of the hair extensions is that the micro rings that are used to attach the extensions should match your natural hair color so that they can easily go unnoticed.

    In addition to that, they should also fit perfectly and should not look unnatural to give your hair a thick, longe, and voluminous look.

    Clip-In Hair Extensions

    Cliphair extensions are also one of the easiest and fastest to apply for hair extensions for short hair.  This type of hair extension is used to give your hair an instant long and different look.

    Clip-in hair extensions are pretty easy to apply as they come with clips that just need to be snapped open and then closed in the roots of your hair to make them easily merge with your natural hair.

    Clip-ins are quite easy to use and can be worn at any time as well as removed whenever you would like to go back to your natural hair. This not only helps you to add volume to your hair but is also great for different hairstyles.

    Weft And Hair Weaves Extensions

    The weft or weaves hair extensions are pretty are a great choice for short hair as in this you can certainly choose your extension application process.

    These hair extensions are great if you want to add volume as well as length to your hair. In this, weaves of hair that blend well with your hair are added with either clip-in method or any application method that you would choose.

    These hair extensions are tricky to use with blunt hair cuts or with hair shorter than 3 inches. However, you can certainly trim your hair extensions according to your natural haircut to make them easily match and blend with your hair.