“Spela Casino Utan Svensk Spellicens” – Play Casino Without A Swedish Gaming License


    As of January 2019, the Gaming Act for Sweden enacted the prohibition of gaming without a license issued by Spelinspektonen for the country. According to legislation, a casino can only operate in the Swedish market with a valid license, and players should only participate with licensed casinos to have protection, tax revenue collection, and for the elimination of competition. That is how the government plans to proceed but now how the citizens view the situation.

    The reality is to prevent “spela casino utan svensk licens”  or playing a casino without a Swedish gaming license, but players can register and play in any online game, regardless if there is an official casino license within that country.

    There are no authorities with the capacity to forbid a national from registering to any worldwide site from which he or she prefers. But it is recommended that users be wise with whom they choose to play, selecting a reputable, trustworthy brand that has a long-standing reliability for treating those within the country well.

    Players Engage With Reputable Swedish Gaming Casinos

    You can absolutely play with a Swedish casino that doesn’t have a license despite the new laws discouraging the practice. There is no law prohibiting players from participating with online sites that are not licensed in the country. Players have a right to register and play with gaming sites that are not licensed in Sweden even when they deem “self-suspended.”

    There are, though, rules that apply to those who play with the appropriate facilities and the ones who don’t. See the advantages of those without a license including:

    • Spins Have No Way Time: With the new rules, sites have a three-second limit between spins in slots which can prove frustrating. Unlicensed providers don’t need to follow those guidelines, so the players who like slots can enjoy them without any restrictions.
    • Deposits/Loss Limits No Longer A Problem: New laws make it a requirement that players set a loss limit and deposit amounts which ultimately restricts play. Unlicensed providers don’t have to comply with the rules, meaning players can do as they choose.
    • Bank ID: In order for Swedish players to join a licensed casino, they need to verify their account with a Bank ID. Some participants don’t have this which means they couldn’t play with a licensed site, but that doesn’t prevent play with an unlicensed gaming provider.

    Casinos Without Licensure

    Though Sweden wants their gaming to be licensed for the providers, players still have the capacity to play at their leisure without repercussions. One disadvantage of playing without a license is that you will be held at your own risk.

    In that capacity, you might not have the essential protections among the courts for legal retribution should things go afoul, or if there were any misinterpreting. Casinos not licensed have no regulations in the country and this means you will be responsible for your own safety and security in winning and losing.

    That makes it particularly important that you employ the utmost in research before engaging in online gambling so that you don’t end up a victim of circumstances. View Swedish Gambling law here .

    Payment Options Are Limited For Unlicensed Sites

    When you engage in sites that are unlicensed, if you win at the table, your payment options will be grossly limited. Many suppliers block payment to casinos that don’t have a license in Sweden. Players don’t automatically receive the money for the winnings they receive. It might seem an unfortunate cycle. You can still use credit cards or other means that foreign countries can use to apply payments successfully, so it’s not an incredible hindrance. But, it’s unfortunate in the country of origin.

    Unlicensed Providers Receive Taxation

    For players who engage in Swedish licensed casinos, you can get your winnings tax-free with no hassles whatsoever. Those who choose to opt for unlicensed facilities don’t have to pay taxes if they opt for an EU casino. But if you choose a casino outside the EU vicinity, there is an exorbitant 30% income tax fee assessed for each player.

    The Swedish Gaming Act Translated

    Casinos are always and have always been a fantastic form of entertainment, and they always will be. They create a pass-time that most people enjoy. There are innumerable casinos online and the market continues to grow throughout the world. Gambling as a whole has a unique meaning in modern times as it did yesterday.

    As with many things today, there are repercussions aside from the pleasure. There are a number of online casinos and a number of payment options creating an arena for fraud and gambling issues.

    All of these things the Swedish government wants to avoid and keep players from creating losses while remaining protected. That is the reason the Swedish government created the need for licensed providers limiting the number of players to those who were more able to handle the responsibility.

    Some people believe this limits their freedom of choice while others feel it is helpful in maintaining responsibility. Either way, the government rules the establishment and the people rule themselves.

    Final Thought

    While the government might be of the mindset that they have the people’s best interests at heart, when people are deprived of something, it makes them want to do that particular thing that much more.

    Prohibition is a perfect example. It’s challenging to tell people they cannot do something because they will do that something just in spite of the rules. If you say they can, they’ll lose interest. It’s all a matter of how the situation gets handled.

    Swedish people want to play the casino. The government is telling them they can under restricted conditions. Most people are choosing to go against those rules. The citizens will find a way to indulge and online is the only feasible possibility without potential repercussions. Go to https://gamblingcompliance.com/in-focus/swedish-online-licensing/insights-%26-analysis for online gambling insights.

    Approval or not, Sweden is playing the casino.