Saving in the capital: How Londoners put their money away for a rainy day


    London is one of the financial hotspots in the world, with millions of pounds changing hands through stocks and business deals every day. Whilst the financial credentials of London business are already well established, a new survey has revealed that people living in the capital are also the best at putting money way from a personal perspective.

    In a new infographic created by Sunny, London came top of UK regions in terms of how much money residents were able to put away a month. The average person in London is able to put away a sizeable £228 a month, compared to the UK average of £156 a month.

    However, it isn’t just savings accounts Londoners put their money into. 72% of Londoners revealed that they had some sort of investment which they were actively putting money into.

    So, where do Londoner’s choose to invest their savings?

    • Personal pensions – 23%
    • ISA’s – 21%
    • Workplace pensions – 18%
    • Stocks and shares – 14%
    • Property – 14%
    • Premium bonds – 10%
    • Investment funds – 9%
    • Cryptocurrency – 4%

    You can take a look at the entire infographic below, and find out more about London and the UK’s money habits.

    Provided by Sunny Loans