Positive EV betting: how to operate with it?


    In the ever-evolving world of sports betting, players are constantly seeking strategies to gain an edge and enhance their profitability. One such powerful concept that has gained prominence is Positive Expected Value (EV) betting. 

    In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of Positive EV betting, understanding its significance, and exploring effective strategies to implement it successfully.

    What is Positive EV betting?

    At first, let’s figure out: what does ev mean in sports betting? EV (Expected Value) is a mathematical concept that calculates the average outcome of a series of events, taking into account the probabilities associated with each outcome.

    Positive EV betting (or valuebets) refers to a strategic approach where a bettor identifies wagers with a positive expected value, indicating a higher probability of profit in the long run.

    Understanding and implementing Positive EV strategies can significantly impact a bettor’s overall success, providing a framework for making informed and profitable decisions.

    Positive EV betting example

    Let’s consider a basketball match Miami Heat vs Cleveland Cavaliers. One of the famous bookies set 2.45 odds for the Miami Heat win. We have made a research and estimated that the real probability of this outcome is 60%. Let’s make the necessary calculations:

    (60 х 2,45) / 100 = 1,47

    We can see that the number is higher than 1 and it means we have positive expected value – this bet has more chances to win than bookmakers think.

    You may wonder: how we indicated a real probability of 60%? We relied on our knowledge and careful analysis of this clash. It’s not an important thing to find such outcomes and to calculate the real probability, so much of bettors prefer using positive ev bets scanners.

    BetBurger positive EV bets scanner

    One among well-known scanners for operating with ev bets and surebets is BetBurger. It’s a powerful tool with more than 300 scanned bookmakers in 46 kinds of sports and 250+ markets. 

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    All this gathered data web service provides to its’ clients in a matter of seconds. Another advantage of BetBurger scanner is in enhanced functionality. Eg., you can calculate amount of bet with a help of handy ev bets calculator and transfer to bookmaker’s website just in one click.

    Even if there is no bookmaker in the scanner you’re working with: you can always ask it’s developers to add it through the Propositions page of your Account. If your proposition will get many voices of other customers – this bookmaker will be added in a short term.


    In conclusion, Positive EV betting is not about guaranteeing success in every bet but maximizing profitability over the long term by identifying situations where the potential profit outweighs the potential loss.

    The main here is to learn to analyze correctly probability of sports events (if you want to search for positive EV bets by your own) or to choose reliable service like BetBurger, which will help your to save your time.