Planning an American Ski Trip: A Guide


    Though Europe has its fair share of great skiing destinations, nothing can beat the unfettered natural beauty of the ski resorts located on the other side of the pond. The United States, in particular, has so many great ski resorts to choose from, and they are located across the country and even far north in Alaska.

    When you consider the fact that the country of the United States of America alone is more than double the size of all the European Union nations combined, it makes only sense to try to expand your skiing experience overseas. To help you successfully plan and enjoy such a trip, look no further, and follow this guide on how to plan your next great American ski trip today:

    Things to Ask Yourself Beforehand

    To help you choose what ski resort you should go to, ask yourself these key questions:

    1. What Your Skill Level Is
    2. Whether or Not You Need Your Own Ski Equipment
    3. If that Ski Equipment Still Fits You
    4. Cost Benefits of Bringing Your Own Vs. Renting it There

    You can always go to learn how to ski, but if that is the case, you will want to ensure that there are beginner-friendly slopes to enjoy, rather than, say, immediately go to the Rockies. Knowing the answer to these questions will help you narrow down which resort is best for you and your needs.

    How to Plan Your Next American Ski Trip

    Once you know which resort you are going to, you will want to follow these steps so that you can forget about stress and instead enjoy your trip to its fullest:

    1.     Book Tickets  

    Book tickets for the flight, for the ski resort, and book your accommodation. Having these costs paid for upfront well before you go can help you budget more effectively without stress.

    2.    Find the right Accommodation for You

    Once you have everything booked regarding flights, it is time to choose your accommodation. You can opt for a hotel room, a cabin, or even an entire vacation home. Just remember to pick the right choice for your budget, and to read up on where the best places to stay are. If you are planning on skiing in Colorado, for instance, following the accommodation guide from VacationRenter can help you choose a great home base for your trip.

    3.    Get the ESTA and Travel Insurance

    You need both before you travel to America. The ESTA to be allowed into the country, and travel insurance that specifically covers you if you are injured while skiing. If you don’t, you could be barred from entering and, if injured, could be in thousands of debt.

    4.    Rent What You Need Online

    A great way to reduce cost and ensure that your size is reserved is to rent equipment online before you go. The same applies to car rentals.

    Have Fun!

    Finally, remember to have fun. Planning is for smoothing out all the challenges, but once you are at your ski resort, your only thought should be what do you want to do next? Have fun, stay safe, and enjoy your time abroad!