Moving to London: 5 Things To Know Before Moving To London


    London is the most popular city for people to live in. People come to London from all over the world, as the city provides many opportunities: from study to career prospects. Over 45,000 ex-pats call London their home. Most inhabitants appreciate the city for its fascinating mix of cultures, incredible pace of life, high-level medicine, and fashion houses. However, life in London has many pitfalls, and it is essential to be aware of them before moving. Below you will find ten things about London that will help you get to know it better.

     Apps Make London Life Easier

    Living in London, a smartphone and apps will become your indispensable assistants. Thanks to the apps, you can travel around the city cheaply, improve your online security or go to cultural events for free. Here is a list of apps with which you will feel more comfortable:

    • Citymapper – this mobile application will show all the ways to get from point A to point B. The system contains subway and train maps. Also, in real-time, the platform reports on breakdowns or delays in transport.
    • VeePN is the best app to protect your data. Since London is considered the most advanced city in the IT field, residents often become victims of cybercriminals. With VeePN, you can keep yourself safe when connecting to public Wi-Fi hotspots. Another reason to get a VPN for Android or iOS is to protect your data from government or ISP surveillance. Finally, a VPN helps you bypass geo-restrictions and gives you access to the online content you want.
    • Uber is an app that offers rides around the city at lower prices than if you catch a taxi on the street. A good advantage of Uber is the ability to order, track and pay for a car using your phone.
    • Time Out is an app that keeps track of all the events in London. Whether you want to go to the movies, a concert, or a gallery, Time Out will give you events at affordable prices or even free.

    We have described only four basic apps to help beginners get used to London. However, do not forget to monitor the app on the Play Store or App Store – you may find a talisman that makes life in London brighter.

    London is a Rainy City

    London is far from the sun-drenched boulevards of Los Angeles or Miami. It rains about 156 days a year. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly find yourself doused in water on a sunny day while sitting on a picnic in one of London’s parks. However, even rainy weather has its advantages. After the rain, everyone goes outside to splash in the puddles, from young to old. Therefore, you can enjoy laughter, outdoor games, and new acquaintances.

    London is an Expensive City

    Suppose you come from New York. In this case, settling in London will seem quite simple – London is 15% cheaper than New York. However, your budget may suffer severe losses if you come from other parts of the US to London. On average, a one-bedroom apartment costs $2,300 per month to rent. Food, travel, and entertainment can cost you from $2,000. Therefore, decide in advance on things to do for a living to cover all your expenses. The best options for work are a photographer, writer, fitness trainer, driver, makeup artist, marketer, or SMM specialist. These professions bring regular and high income.

    South London – Best Area to Live in

    If you still have not decided where to live in London, we suggest you take a closer look at the southern part. Developments in this city are relatively new and less expensive than in the northern and eastern parts of the city. Here are a few areas of south London to look out for:

    • Wimbledon
    • Battersea
    • Clapham
    • Wandsworth
    • Crystal Palace
    • Bloomsbury

    As soon as you arrive in London, we recommend that you visit each of these areas. You will feel the atmosphere, appreciate the convenience, the range of rental prices and be able to choose a place that suits you.

    London – Leader in Healthcare

    Healthcare in London remains one of the most respected in the world. People worldwide claim that London’s hospitals have high-quality service, qualified nurses and doctors, reasonable prices, and modern equipment. In addition, the National Health Service provides free medical care. This allows anyone from any background to receive the necessary medical care.

    London – Maestro of Culinary

    There’s an old cliché that London food is terrible. However, London is a city that contains many Michelin restaurants. No European city, except Paris, has as many Michelin-starred restaurants as London – approximately 71. The cuisine in London is incredibly diverse – you can find any dish from almost all corners of the Earth in one form or another in London. Therefore, London is not only the brightest and most unpredictable city but also a real paradise for food lovers!