Most accessible UK cities


    Everyone’s bucket list includes a trip to the United Kingdom. It is no surprise that many people wish to visit the country because of its gorgeous architecture and rich culture. As avid travelers, we understand the importance of being well-prepared for any outing, and this includes knowing the best cities to go to.

    While this may be our primary focus, it is important to know that going to tourists spots is not enough. For those who have disabilities, you know that we also have to be aware of how accessible they are to us.

    Do they have ramps for wheelchairs? Guides for the blind? Bathrooms for the disabled? And so much more. If tourist spots are not your number one focus but how accessible it is, well, do not worry, for we have got you.

    In this article, we are going to be talking about the most accessible UK cities to go to. Get ready to plan your trips, and pack your bags for these cities that are sure to give you a memorable time.

    #1 Belfast, Northern Ireland

    Starting off this list, we have Northern Ireland, home to one of the most well-known disability-friendly places. With ramps that are available in every nook and cranny, this place is very welcoming to any type and size of wheelchair. Whether they are manual wheelchairs or are large electric wheelchairs, anyone can take a tour in this city with no problems.

    The city is also small, so it is easy to get a view of everything. You can also try taking a sightseeing bus or a shipyard ride to explore everything the city has to offer fully.

    #2 Norwich, England

    Are you looking for a place with lifts, ramps, and restaurant employees who can use sign language? Then worry not for Norwich, England has them all for you. Ranging from Braille menus or menus in audio formats, almost everything is available.

    And a bonus, Norwich is known to have one of the most attractions relating to history. So, this might be the perfect place for all you history lovers to fulfill all the dreams of your history-loving self. With all its stunning art exhibitions and beautiful theatrical plays, you are bound to get lost in all of it.

    #3 London, England

    The capital city of the United Kingdom is not just all for show. If you are into visiting one of the biggest and most accessible tourist attractions in the United Kingdom, then London is the way to go. The place is very diverse, with multiple ramps and support for those who need it.

    Its visitors even have the opportunity to borrow electric scooters and wheelchairs. So, London’s accessibility is the last thing you should be worried about, for it is one of the most accessible places out there in the United Kingdom.

    #4 Glasgow, Scotland

    If you are looking for something that has it all, Glasgow, Scotland, might be able to show you everything that you are searching for. An excellent shopping district, lovely galleries, music places you can get lost into, it is the definition of perfect and accessible. The cities are also filled with roads for pedestrians, so it is not that difficult to walk around the area.

    The real question to be answered is, what does Glasgow not have? Well-known around the world and considered as “the friendly city,” that place is overflowing with things to do. Want to go through malls? You got it! Want to taste the city’s delicacies? They have it all there for you!


    Staying in a city in the United Kingdom is so much better when it is accessible; it can be such a stress reliever. I mean, who doesn’t want to take a break to feel the fresh air, the nature, meet new people, experience new cultures, and taste their street food? In a way, they are sort of a mental reboot. So naturally, we find traveling for leisure relaxing and calming for our minds.

    And while sometimes, we do feel a little overwhelmed with the planning process of traveling, the idea that the place is there to support your disability can zap the planning pressure out of you. It makes your heart so much lighter knowing that the city is there to try its best to make everything comfortable and easy.

    With all those disability technologies and helpful ramps, exploring the city has never been more convenient and simple. With that said, we hope you have enjoyed our list and wish to see you there the next time you plan your trip!