Maximizing Your TikTok Visibility: Strategies for Increasing Views and Followers


    TikTok topped the charts in 2019 for being the most downloaded app. This platform features a format where creators upload short-duration videos. This platform is a new sensation among creators and is particularly popular among Gen Z. Having a lot of followers on TikTok enables you to promote your product and services to your target audience.

    With the amount of content being churned on TikTok daily, it has become a daunting task to attract followers and views. In this article, we will focus on some key steps that will enable you to maximize TikTok views and followers. And everything on TikTok is guided by its algorithm. So, first, let us understand how the TikTok algorithm works.

    The Science Behind TikTok Algorithm

    The TikTok algorithm decides which videos will land on the “For You” page of a user. The “For You” page is the main way in which users discover new content on the platform. The algorithm uses the following factors to rank videos:

    • Engagement

    Likes, comments, views, shares, profile visits, and video watch times are termed engagement.

    • Attributes

    Video attributes refer to captions, audio, effects, and hashtags of a video.

    • User behavior

    “What the user prefers, where they are located, and what are their likes and dislikes” are key points that the TikTok algorithm uses.

    Some other factors such as the freshness of the video, its uniqueness, and relevance also play an important role in pushing it to the “For You” page. The algorithm is always changing according to the user reactions, hence experimenting with your content can prove to be an excellent method to increase views and followers.

    Tips to Increase Views and Followers on TikTok

    1. Know your followers

    Getting to know your followers is the first step to increasing views and followers. Find out the likes and dislikes of your fans and understand what clicks with them. Check out the comment section and understand the nature of your followers.

    1. Optimize your TikTok profile

    A catchy username that relates to your brand, a high-quality display picture, and an eye-catching bio attract audiences to your account. Also, link your other social media accounts or website on your profile. You can also promote your TikTok account on other social media sites or your website in the same way. And, if possible, get your account verified because a verified badge signals genuineness in the eyes of the users.

    1. Upload best-quality videos

    Learn how to edit your videos and use editing tools for the same. Learn transitioning which is currently trending on the platform. Make sure your videos are shot in well-lit conditions with clear sound. Nobody likes to invest their time in watching videos that are not audible or are blurry. You can also invest in a ring light or a good professional quality camera and microphone.

    1. Trending audio and music

    Content created using trending songs is pushed ahead by the TikTok algorithm. You can find the song or music in the trend using the “Discover” tab on the platform. Just ensure that the song or music you select relates to your product and followers. You can use the same trending song and give it a twist with your original content.

    1. Hashtags to the rescue

    See what hashtags are trending on the platform and use them in your captions. Hashtags invoke the algorithm and allow your content to be pushed to the relevant audience. If you are unsure which hashtags to use, find out what your competitors are using. Just do not go overboard with your hashtag game.

    1. Be different from the competition

    Using trending topics to create videos is a good idea. But sometimes originality is also rewarded. Use voiceovers recorded in your voice or create some unique content. In fact, distancing yourself from the herd can benefit you in the long run. This will surely attract more followers and views.

    1. Use duet or stitch feature

    One simple way to gain more followers and views on TikTok is to use the duet feature. With this feature, you can take an existing viral video from another creator and offer your opinion on it. Or you can simply add your own version to the video using side-by-side slides. Once you use this feature, there are chances that your video might be pushed to the “For You” page of the original creator. If you have the same target audience base as the original creator, you might get some new followers as well.

    1. Engage with brands

    Brands often run hashtag challenges on the platform. Engage with these hashtags and you might get noticed by the brand. This can open new doors for you to collaborate with the brand in the coming days. You can partner with influencers and brands to boost your follower count. As both influencers and brands are already popular, you can use their popularity to your advantage.

    1. Schedule your posts

    Do not post videos in the wee hours. Analyze your audience’s active time frames and post your content at that time. Also, schedule how many posts a day you need to push to the platform. You can check and analyze data on the “Business Suite” section of the platform.

    1. Get a TikTok Business account

    Switching to a pro account can give you added benefits like TikTok Analytics. This helps you in understanding the overview of your profile, and insights into content and followers. You can track views, likes, comments, and shares along with followers gained/lost and multiple other data.

    So, this was a brief guide on how to gain more followers and views on TikTok. If you are on TikTok, there are chances you might be on other social media platforms as well. If you are on Facebook and are looking for some real likes and engagement, give FBPostLikes a try. This tool comes equipped with 24*7 support with user segregation based on demographics. Last but not least, just remember you are on TikTok not to just promote but also to have fun, so have fun.