Maximising Bedroom Storage Space in Your London Property


    London is amazing, which is why so many millions of people flock to it each day to enjoy all that it has to offer. Still, it doesn’t take much time in the city to realise that every square inch counts. Property owners in London know this more than ever. So, we wanted to publish an article on how to maximise the storage space in your bedroom. Explore the steps and ideas below to get more space (and maybe even more value!) out of your property.

    Understanding Your Space

    The first step in maximising your bedroom storage space is to actually measure the space available in your room.

    Any good planning project starts with solid measurements, so get out your tape measure and note down the room’s dimensions. Include the height of the ceiling too, since this is also a key factor in understanding the space available in your room.

    Also sit down and think about how much space you actually need, and what for. Do you need additional space to store clothes and shoes, or personal and bulky items? By understanding what use additional storage space would have, you can design the perfect bespoke solution for your room.

    Next, think about balancing aesthetics and functionality.

    When it comes to storage space, functionality is key. However, aesthetics matter and the appeal of your bedroom shouldn’t be compromised by your storage solutions.

    Whichever method you use to add additional storage space, think about how you can use designs and materials that complement your existing decor and space. A well designed and harmonious bedroom will make a meaningful difference in your life in a way that a couple of extra drawers or shelves at the expense of the rooms look and feel simply will not.

    Fitted Wardrobes – One of The Best Solutions

    To cut a long story short, fitted wardrobes are a game-changer when it comes to maximising the storage space in limited size rooms. Unlike freestanding wardrobes, fitted wardrobes are designed to fit your space perfectly and utilise every inch of space available. They can even work for awkwardly shaped rooms and/or loft bedrooms.

    Fitted wardrobes can be customised to your heart’s content. Pick your choice of doors (sliding or hinged), internal configurations (e.g. drawers, shelves, hanging rails etc.), materials and finishes to design the perfect storage space for your room.

    Finally, as you’ll see below, many alternative methods to maximise storage space involve a fair amount of work on your part. Fitted wardrobes can be installed by a seasoned professional within a matter of days, completely transforming your bedroom without so much effort or stress on your part. My tip, always work with a professional when it comes to these projects.

    Innovative Storage Solutions

    Outside of fitted wardrobes, there are a number of other ways that you can maximise the storage space of your London property.

    For example, look for multi-functional furniture – furniture which serves dual or multiple purposes. An example of this would be beds with built-in storage and/or wall-mounted desks. These kinds of solutions can enhance your storage space and provide additional utility to your bedroom without occupying additional floor space.

    Next, look at vertical storage techniques especially in bedrooms with a small floor plan. Things like wall-mounted shelving and high-level cupboards can store a surprising amount of stuff without cluttering the room.

    Hidden storage is another option. Look at things like under-floor storage compartments and/or beds with lift-up mattresses to maximise storage space. Options like this also have the added benefit of keeping your items out of sight and your room clutter-free.

    Organisational Strategies & Changes

    Outside of making changes to your furniture and/or adding new pieces of furniture to your bedroom, there are a number of changes and strategies you can use to improve the organisation of your bedroom (thus freeing up space).

    Decluttering is one such example which, when done right, will keep your existing storage space free for your most important and frequently used items.

    Having a seasonal rotation for your clothes and other items is also a sure fire way to free up space. Move items you aren’t using in winter/summer months to the loft or some other storage area, freeing up space.


    Clearly maximising bedroom storage space in a London property requires a combination of smart design, clever use of space, and personalised solutions.

    Things like fitted wardrobes offer unparalleled efficiency in using every available inch, where as other innovative furniture choices and effectively organising your items will help transform your cramped bedroom into a model of efficiency and style. Remember, the key to successful storage optimisation lies in understanding your needs, making smart choices, and seeking professional guidance when needed.