Van leasing can be a minefield if you are unsure about what you want. Starting a business and needing a van can seem like a never-ending mission to find what will work for you and what will fit your business,

    You may choose to lease a van or use a lease finance option where you will eventually own the vehicle. Or you may just want to pay outright in cash. There are so many options that can leave you needing clarification.

    When you are lost in the minefield of options, one of the best things you can do is focus on what you want. Knowing what you want, whether you know the type of van or the brand of the van, can help narrow your search down. Viewing hundreds of vans, all types, and brands, becomes blurred, and it can be difficult to see the unique aspects of what is on offer.

    Add to this that some van leasing companies can add extras to your van, customizing it to be exactly what you want. But how does this help if you are unsure? A customized van would be exactly what you need it to be, so this is a very good option for someone just starting. What if you do not know exactly what kind of van will help the business?

    Customized v Standard 

    When looking at the different options available, not only are there the standard options such as the make or brand of the van, the ignition and drive type, or whether transit or transporter. If you have decided what kind of van you need, it is time to decide if you want customizations to your van, adding in alloy wheels or some spoilers.

    Adding different customizations to your van not only makes it look better to people around but potentially draws people’s attention to any signage or artwork for your business on your van. But it also increases how much the van is worth.

    If you purchase a van or have already purchased a van, you can commission a company that can add customizations to make your van worth more and more appealing to then draw people in.

    Although you may not think of it as a customization, you may want to add business information for your company onto your van. Adding your logo and contact information is a customization to your van.

    However, it is less permanent than the changes you would have done at a garage. This, too, can draw positive attention and, in turn, potentially get business for your company.

    Of course, you can choose to leave your van uncustomized; however, if you choose to have no information on your van, you may not attract as many customers. It is also possible that your van will be worth less than you paid.

    After you have driven your van, whether leasing or purchasing without customizations, the value of the van will depreciate; therefore, the van may be more difficult to sell once if you choose to sell it later.

    Transit v Transporter

    If you have not decided what kind of van you want to have, it is worth looking between a transit and a transporter. Both offer space for a growing business; however, both have different price points.

    You will find that more companies choose to use a transit van, and most people who want a van to convert will purchase a transporter. It has become a popular trend for people to convert a transporter van into a small camper van.

    Although, when we look at the point of view of a business person, both vans offer similar space in the back to be used for different business needs.

    Looking at how the vans drive, both offer a big engine and cost around the same to fill with fuel and drive. There is no clear winner; however, with the transporter being slightly bigger, you may expect that the transit would have won.

    When we then turn our attention to the cabin, this is where you will spend the bulk of your time. A transit van has a more comfortable and spacious cabin, unlike a transporter which can be smaller and less comfortable.

    There is no right or wrong regarding a transit or transporter van; it comes down to your preference. It is important to say that both can be customized if you choose to do so. So the real question when it comes to transit or transporter is which do you prefer the look of?


    The price you will pay for your van will vary, from where you purchase it, how you purchase it, and whether it is new or used. Of course, you then need to add in the cost for any customization you choose to have.

    Many van leasing companies, such as Swiss Vans, offer various ways to purchase your van; they will also include any customizations in your financial plan. If you choose a finance lease, you will eventually own your vehicle. If, however, you are not interested in owning your vehicle and just want to hire a van long-term, many companies will also offer a plan for this.

    It is important to note when you are hiring a vehicle only, you may have extra charges based on use and any wear and tear the van may get while you have it. So if you have somewhere safe to store the van so you know it will not get any scratches or bumps, this may be a viable option.

    Hiring a van will vary in price depending on how long you want to hire it for and how many miles you will travel over the time you have the van.

    In most cases purchasing or leasing a van on a finance option will be more cost effective for your business; this means that you have no restriction on miles you can travel or changes you make to the van.

    However, if you choose to lease or finance a van from a company if you miss payments, your van can be repossessed, and you may still owe payments, check all agreements before you sign.


    Looking for your first van can be daunting, but by working with what you know and adding what you need, you can get the perfect van for you. Regardless of how you choose to pay for your van, make sure what you get will work for your business long term.