Is a second passport from St. Lucia worth your investment?


    Saint Lucia is a great Caribbean country with a lot of tourist attractions If you are looking to invest your money somewhere we would suggest getting a second passport from St.Lucia it is really worth it. They have very strong passports and they are fairly new in the investment program compared to other countries. The investment program to get a second passport from St. Lucia started in 2015. However, it gained traction and became very popular among investors as the investment is very low compared to other countries and they offer a lot of benefits to their citizens.

    Getting a second passport using St.Lucia citizenship by investment program is a minimum of 100,000 US dollars investment. If you are purchasing real estate then it is 300,000 US dollars. The cost is low and has numerous benefits. Let’s take a look at what the St. Lucia passport offers and is it worth your investment.

    Quick process time

    The process of getting a second passport from St.Lucia is very quick it is quicker than most of the countries and offers numerous benefits so yes it is worth your investment.  The processing time is only 3 to 6 months. The due diligence takes the most time as they confirm that you do not have any criminal background. If you are good to go they will give you citizenship within 3 to 6 months.

    Reputable passport

    The passport of St.Lucia is very reputable. They have a strong passport that allows you to travel to 146 countries without the need for a visa. You can even travel to the Schengen zone, the United Kingdom, and countries like Hong Kong. The Citizens of St. Lucia can visit the United Kingdom and stay in the UK for 180 days without the need for additional documents. Moreover, you can travel to the United States on a visitor visa. The country allows you to have 10 10-year visit visa to the United States. So, yes St.Lucia is worth your investment if you are looking to get a reputable second passport.

    Low Tax

    You will be glad to know that St.Lucia has a very low tax rate. They offer a lot of tax benefits to the passport holders. They don’t have any tax on international income so if you are looking to expand your business worldwide you do not have to worry about the taxes. There is no tax on the capital gains or inheritance and you only have to pay tax on the company if it earns inside St.Lucia. So, if you are looking for a second passport that allows you to have tax freedom then St.Lucia is truly worth your investment. Moreover, there are no taxes on the dividends so, we can easily say that St.Lucia is truly a tax heaven.

    Easy to open Bank accounts

    You can easily open bank accounts in the St.Lucia and other countries as well. Like you can open bank accounts in the European countries without going through the hard paperwork. The St.Lucia passport holders have benefits in that they can easily open bank accounts in Europe and can do transactions in foreign currency. Moreover, you can save your money around the world so it does not have to be placed in a single place. You are in total control of your income and it will be spread through the world. Also, the process for European countries is quite easy for the St.Lucia passport holders than any country.

    Education In Uk

    If you hold a second passport from St.Lucia you will be glad to know that there is a special preference for the St.Lucia citizens they get approved by the University of the United Kingdom much quicker than other nationality holders. Moreover, they have scholarships for the St.Lucia citizens that come under the law of the commonwealth. Also, the students from St.Lucia can apply for the Chevening scholarship. So, a second passport from St.Lucia is not only beneficial for you but for your family members too. So, Yes we can say that a second passport from St.Lucia is really worth your investment. It will not only make your future secure but for your generation as well.

    Only Investment Is required

    All you have to do is invest the money in government funds and you are good to go. You don’t even have to stay in St.Lucia to get a second passport from them. Also, you do not have to even visit the St.Lucia the whole process is remote. If you have more money then you can even buy a property in St.Lucia as well which will also allow you to have a second passport. If you purchase the bonds of government you will be get paid back in five years. So, that’s another plus for investing your money in the St.Lucia.


    So, according to our research, the second passport from St.Lucia is truly worth it. Yes, it will cost you money upfront but it will be beneficial to have a second passport from St.Lucia as you can do the business internationally. You can save money on the education by enrolling your children in the prestigious universities of the United Kingdom. You can even get scholarships from The United Kingdom universities so that is another plus.

    You can travel to 146 countries without the need for a visa. You can easily travel to the Schengen zone, countries like the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, and Singapore. So, yes you will have total travel freedom. You can even apply for the United States visa that is valid for 10 years. No other investment countries are offering that currently. You can save on taxes and can also enjoy your money being held in the European banks. There are numerous benefits so if you are looking to invest in a second passport we highly recommend the St.Lucia as it has a lower initial investment than many countries and gives you a lot of benefits. You can move to any place without losing your current citizenship. Moreover, there is no restriction on holding a second passport you can be a dual national. The cherry on top is that you don’t have to declare that you have a second passport.