Interesting Facts About London to Discover with Your Loved One


    London is an amazing and mysterious city that has long won fame as one of the most important European capitals. And this is not surprising because the city has its special charm. They say London is a city of contrasts.

    The history of the capital of Great Britain dates back more than 2000 years since its foundation. Throughout its history, this city experienced both heyday and hard times. But, whatever troubles happened in the life of London, each era left its mark on it.

    London is divided into four districts – The City, The Westminster, The West End, and The East End. The British describe themselves as follows: “The City is the money of London, the Westminster area is the history of London, the West End is the good of London, and the East End is the hands of London.” The whole essence of the city lies in this characteristic of metropolitan areas. London is various and multifaceted, built on contrasts and contradictions.

    Social contrasts are warranted by the fact that London is unusually multiethnic, and expat communities make a significant contribution to the culture of the city. In London, the old mixes with the new, creating a unique charm and attraction that win the hearts of travelers around the world.

    London is famous for its abundance of attractions, a huge number of unique historical monuments, business centers and comfortable living conditions, a special atmosphere of its squares, both old and modern, and many first-class shops, clubs, restaurants, and pubs. Various legends and literary works describing this city over the centuries make it all even more attractive.

    London keeps much more secrets and mysteries than you think. We’ve prepared the most amazing and interesting facts about this wonderful city that will surely surprise you.

    Peculiar facts about London

    London is visited by more foreigners than any other city in the world: more than 15 million a year.

    Cars in London run on the left side of the street, and the natives strongly believe that this side of the road is the most correct.

    London has as many as five international airports. One of them – Heathrow – is the busiest airport in the world.

    The city of London isn’t unique in the world – there are several other cities with the same name. They are located in the United States, Canada, and some other countries. An interesting fact, the Canadian London, like the capital of Great Britain, is located on the River Thames.

    Pregnant women are allowed to use any place they want as a toilet. They can do this even in front of Buckingham Palace, and no one will fine them. Or a woman can even borrow a policeman’s helmet to do her business.

    The queen must have an entry permit to London. Permission is granted by the Mayor of London since, according to ancient law, the inhabitants of London retain the right not to let their overlord into the capital.

    There are about 20 hidden underground rivers in London.

    Almost everyone is convinced that Big Ben is a clock tower in London. But in fact, this is the name of the 13-ton bell, which is located inside the tower. The tower itself is called Elizabeth Tower. Since its inception in 1859, it has served as the most accurate and reliable watch in London.

    In 1666, there was the largest fire in the entire history of the city. It’s also called the Great London Fire. Then most of the city (about 60%) burned in four days; the fire destroyed more than 13 thousand buildings. Interestingly, according to official data, only eight people died in such a large fire. The restoration of the city lasted for several decades.

    Facts about the London Underground

    The London Underground is the oldest subway in the world. Its first line, called the Metropolitan Railway, opened in 1863.

    Metro in London is divided into six large areas. The fare varies depending on them, so tickets must be marked both at the entrance and at the exit.

    There is a special line, where trains run without drivers and are controlled solely by electronics. This line is called “Docklands Light Rail.”

    The “Northern” line is the most polluted. 20 minutes spent on this line can be equated with a smoked cigarette.

    Approximately 60% of the London Underground is actually above ground. In addition, five stations are named after the ads: Swiss Cottage, Angel, Manor House et Elephant, Castle, and Royal Oak.

    People leave their newspapers right in the underground so that others can read them. So in one day, the newspaper changes a lot of owners.

    Every year, residents and visitors of the city forget 80,000 umbrellas in the London Underground. But tube workers found some stranger things there: a park bench, a samurai sword, a human skull, three dead bats in a glass jar, and even a coffin. A collection of these things can be seen in one of the museums of London.

    In fact, the voices announcing the names of the stations were selected very seriously. The auditions took place over 18 months.

    Facts about London cabs

    Drivers of the famous black cabs prepare for the exam from two to four years. To pass the “Knowledge” test, they need to know the location of 25,000 streets and 20,000 places. That’s why it takes so much time.

    London drivers will take a glass of beer with you in a pub. These people are very talkative. And if you keep up the conversation, you will definitely be offered to spend the evening in a pub over a glass of beer.

    In London, there are about 21,000 licensed cabs which, despite their name “Black Cabs”, are available in 12 different colors. The name comes from a black counter, invented in the 1890s to measure the distance. To find out if a cab is free, look for the orange light on the roof. If it’s not lit, then the taxi is already taken.

    As you can see, London is an amazing city full of mysteries and unexpected discoveries. There are a lot of places for romantic dates and interesting pastime with your loved one. If you are single, you will get a wonderful opportunity to meet new people and find your soul mate in London, or you can find your true love on and then discover this famous city together.