Intenfix Opinie: Ask Yourself Three Questions Before Trading Indices []


    Indices trading is an excellent and widely accepted way to gain exposure to global financial markets without directly investing in the assets, stocks, commodities, and bonds of an individual company. Indices trading allows you to directly trade on the market movements at its recent price. This is why indices trading attracts many traders around the world. However, if you are willing to invest in indices trading and make significant profits, you need to consider three fundamental aspects. In this article, we will present three fundamental questions that should arise in a trader’s mind before engaging in indices trading. We will also explain why these three questions are important to ensure your trading success. So, let’s get started.

    First Question: Which Platform to Choose for Indices Trading?

    Despite the fact that you can find various brokerage platforms in the industry, you can not randomly pick any of them. It’s important to ensure that your broker is reliable and supportive. The selection of your trading platform is equally important as your trading skills to achieve success in financial trading. Meet Intenfix, one of the most sophisticated and reliable brokers in the industry. The major advantages of trading indices with this platform are-

    • Access to popular indices in the world, including the NASDAQ, S&P 500, and DOW. 
    • Ability to trade Index CFDs. 
    • Access to high leverage and low spread.
    • An advanced trading platform with plenty of technical and analytical tools, including various charts, indicators, and drawing tools. Functionalities like stop orders will help traders to minimize potential losses.
    • Ability to pick your suitable account type from multiple account types.
    • Access to big news events.
    • Lastly, benefit from world-class support services, including a personal account manager. 

    Second Question: Why Trade Indices?


    The second question that can come to your mind is why trade indices while there are various other financial assets. Intenfix also allows you to trade a long list of financial instruments, including Forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies, shares, and futures. However, there are various advantages of trading indices. For instance, you can access an entire index immediately. You can go both short and long while trading indices CFDs. Indices trading on a CFD format allows you to take advantage of leverage. Lastly, you can hedge your current positions. There are several other benefits of indices trading. However, if you are not clear about the reasons behind selecting indices trading, you might not be able to set your goals. 

    Third Question: How to Trade Indices?


    To trade indices properly and make the most out of it, you should have an effective trading strategy. You should also analyze the financial markets and previous performances of the indices before investing on them. More importantly, you should trade indices on CFD basis to take advantage of available leverage. At Intenfix, you will get effective tools to analyze the markets and an efficient support staff to guide your trading activities. 

    Consider these three questions before start trading indices and join Intenfix for a profitable and exciting trading experience.