Inspiring Celebrity Kitchen Ideas

    Far from being a short-lived phenomenon, celebrity influencers continue to dominate many genres, ranging from NFTs, beaut and fashion to home décor. Indeed, for home lovers, one of the most engaging hobbies is gazing at the way others live and the way they express their personal style in key areas of the home such as the kitchen. Whether you are thinking of renovating your kitchen or you are building a new one from scratch, take a look at celebrity kitchens that could give you a few good ideas.
    Nigella Lawson’s Metallic Splashbacks
    Splashbacks used to quietly stand in the background, ready to shield one’s wall against cooking messes and bearing very little influence on a kitchen’s style and feel. Today, however, they come in a wide range of colours and materials. When it comes to novelty, Nigella Lawson’s metallic silver splashback panels, fronted by a rail from which she hangs gorgeous cooking utensils, are just about as cool as they get. Nigella’s kitchen proves that metallic statement splashbacks work great with traditional fixtures and colours like teal and pink. Hers is a ‘lived-in’ space; one in which pots hang from the roof and open shelves feature an array of pots, utensils, and equipment. A kitchen is made for cooking, and this talented chef has taken this adage to heart in her stunning, warm, ultra-practical kitchen design.
    Helen Skelton’s Sizeable Island
    Helen Skelton’s home in Yorkshire has a kitchen that pays homage to her past life in France. In ‘the country of enlightenment’, Helen recalls that she had a “gigantic” island in the middle of the kitchen, and friends would arrive, placing plates of food on it and enjoying a shared feast. She wanted to recreate this sense of communal enjoyment of food. Her beautiful central island, topped with a marble slab, is not only sizable but also beautifully complemented by gold and teal paint on the island body itself. Indeed, stone is a trending choice for kitchen counter tops and islands, owing to its sturdiness and beauty. Modern buyers find the decision to choose granite or quartz (especially easy given its aesthetics and efficacy. In fact, all of these materials work perfectly in a modern kitchen, varying mainly in their patterns and colours.
    The Beckhams’ Eclectic Kitchen
    Maximalism, personal expression, and warmth are just a few values that are trending in home design. The year 2020 put a nail in the coffin of cold minimalism and celebrated vividness, artistry, and the true meaning of family living. The Beckham’s gorgeous kitchen, which plays a starring role in their £31million home, has an array of seemingly contrasting influences that somehow work together to create both design appeal and cosiness. It boasts a cream and moss green colour scheme, with exposed wooden shelves and built-in LED lighting to highlight the beauty of the bowls and glasses on display. Black doorknobs, a vertiginous library ladder (which enables the family to reach the highest shelves on the cabinets), stainless steel splashback panels, wooden floors, and a central wooden island unit are complemented by sexy touches such as black leather stools with wooden legs. It’s all about marrying natural and synthetic elements in a way that celebrates nature and art.
    Celebrities provide the ultimate inspiration when it comes to designing a kitchen. From Nigella Lawson’s hanging pots to Helen Skelton’s pretty marble island, it’s all about recognizing the important role that food plays in bringing families together. Of course, you can always do like the Beckhams and incorporate a few designer materials such as leather, aged wood, or LED lighting, to transform your kitchen into the coolest space in your home.