Innovative ways to enjoy your garden this summer


    Good weather is on its way at last! Therefore, it is more than time for you to finally do something about your garden – front or back, or both. Summer is a time of year to take full advantage of by getting out and enjoying the good weather for as long as it lasts. We all know what London weather is like, which is why it makes sense to be as creative and innovative as possible with how you spend your time in the sun.

    Your garden should be an area you can retreat to for relaxation and fun with family and friends. However, if you don’t already have your garden under control, or if you don’t have much of an idea what to do with your green spaces, you’re not going to realise their full potential.

    Let’s take a quick look at a few innovative ways in which you can make your London garden your own this summer, and to harness the sunshine as and when it passes through.

    Be creative with trees and shrubs 

    Over the wetter months, your plants have likely been feeling pretty starved of decent levels of sunshine. As soon as moisture and sunlight combines, your garden is suddenly going to leap into action – which means it’s your job to try and keep it under serious control!

    The best thing you can do right away is to set up some sort of timetable to get your trees and shrubs under control, or even trimmed into a particular design. You may also wish to get in touch with a tree surgeon in West London who can keep any troublesome branches in check.

    There are some creative ways to arrange your trees and plants, and the best place to start looking for these innovations, of course, is online!

    Light up your lawn

    While it might seem as though you have enough light coming in from the sun itself, what about when it gets dark? You may well want to spend summer evenings outside with friends as much as you spend the summer days with them – so, why not look at installing a few garden illuminations?

    By these, we mean that you could look for solar-powered lighting including pods and planter spikes, which you can plop into your flowerbeds or pots to soak up the sun during the day, and then leave to brighten up your garden at night – but not to the extent that your neighbours complain!

    You might even wish to invest in a set of string lights or lanterns, too. These are easy to control through a battery pack, meaning there shouldn’t ever be any need for you to wheel out an extension lead.

    Install a hot tub

    Ever wanted to bubble up in the garden during the warmer months? We really can’t blame you. A hot tub might seem like an enormous luxury in some cases, but inflatable models for the garden are more affordable and manageable now than they have ever been.

    It’s easy to find a reliable and efficient hot tub or spa online or through a high street chain such as Argos or Go Outdoors. You can then plug in and fill up your spa, offering friends and family the chance to relax in serious style as the good weather continues.

    Do be aware that hot tubs can take a fair bit of work – you’re going to need to clean it regularly, and it’s going to need a specific pH level maintained with chemicals to remain safe to use. However, this should all be easy enough to follow using the instruction manual.

    Create an entertainment space

    Of course, summer weekends and evenings should all be about entertaining your friends and family wherever you can. Therefore, why not look into creating your own entertainment space? While there are plenty of entertainment opportunities out and about in London itself, it’s sometimes nice to take things back to base.

    The first thing that you can do to entertain your friends and family on a warm summer evening is set up your outdoor projector screen and watch your favorite movies. Cinematic atmosphere, fresh air and maybe a little bit of popcorn – isn’t this a paradise right in your garden?

    Therefore, you might consider setting up a garden decking, for example, to host seating, a minibar and even a barbecue. Of course, if you’re serious about entertaining family and friends this summer, setting up a grill is likely to be your best shout as an immediate job. It’s worth taking a look at a few deals online.

    You might even wish to set up your own BBQ hut or enclosure. These stylish wooden spaces are much like walk-in booths where you can welcome friends and family. You can safely install barbecue systems inside and vent out your cooking smells from the comfortable and eye-catching space.

    Theme your garden space

    Of course, one of the best things you can do with your garden this summer is to get creative with the actual design. While we may have already talked about changing the way you manage your plants and trees, you must look at how everything comes together.

    Which styles and aesthetics appeal to you? Have you thought about dressing your garden up in an Eastern theme, with blossoms and wooden pagodas? What about taking things back to the Victorian age, or focusing on creating a wooded garden that’s alive with flora and that is attractive to wildlife?

    The way you set up and craft your garden is, of course, entirely up to you. To help, there are stacks of great ideas online, meaning that now is the time to dip in and take a good look around.

    Your garden, your way 

    Your garden is there for your enjoyment. A great-looking garden is likely to take plenty of work and effort. However, providing you give it the time and care it deserves regularly, there should be no reasons why you can’t be creative with both its look and purpose.

    Grab those garden tools and start seeing what creations you can come up with. Build a garden space that you and your loved ones can enjoy heading back to again and again.