In London for Halloween? Here’s what to do and see


    Some people fall into the false illusion that Halloween is an American holiday that doesn’t translate as well into different cultures. However, multiple European countries, including the United Kingdom, have long followed the traditions set by the US, and the English capital, home to nearly nine million people, is the epicentre for Halloween celebrations throughout the country and a hive of activity during the final day of October. Following similar spooky traditions like trick-or-treat and fancy dress-themed parties, there’s so much to do in London this Halloween, and we’ve listed some of our picks.

    Halloween Themed Nights To Explore

    London is a densely populated city and with such a high concentration of people, dozens of bars and other venues host huge Halloween celebrations. From spooky trips to the cinema or a range of luxurious hotels and casinos throughout the capital, you won’t be stuck for things to do if you’re looking for an adventurous night in London. As one of the world’s gambling capitals, the United Kingdom has some of the least restrictive laws that allow casinos to flourish and thrive.

    Casinos in the Big Smoke are renowned for keeping up the modern trends and decorate their floors accordingly, but right throughout the capital you’ll see spooky decorations, pumpkins and all other Halloween decorations that set the mood. Online casinos mirror their counterparts, often using themed decorations, which you will be able to see when live streaming roulette, poker, blackjack or other live dealer games.

    With many casinos putting their own spin on Halloween this year, fancy dress, scary decorations, and Halloween-themed betting chips are all part of the festivities, so it could be worth checking them out to see what the casinos have planned for bettors this Halloween.

    Suppose you’re looking for fancy dress parties focusing primarily on the holiday – in that case, there are events all over London, such as The Clapham Grand, the Skylight Tobacco Dock, Hackney Warehouse Raves and the Halloween party at The Twisted Circus, which celebrates a decade of events this Halloween.

    Spooky London history

    Suppose you don’t fancy going to one of the many fancy dress parties and are looking for something more specific to England’s largest city’s ghoulish underbelly and sinister history. In that case, Halloween-themed tours are a big hit. There’s no shortage of spooky destinations, ranging from abandoned tube stations to Jack the Ripper tours. Especially at this time of year, Jack the Ripper tours are big business, with several companies offering award-winning tours to appeal to and tune in to human nature’s eerie and macabre side.

    In addition to a host of specific, serial killer-themed tours, you can check out the Ghost Bus, which does a tour around London, and a host of walking tours that focus on the haunted alleyways and buildings of the English capital.

    Classic Halloween cinema?

    If you’d rather sit back and watch a classic horror flick, many cinemas across the Big Smoke, including The Carlton Tower Jumeirah, will be showing horror classics such as Scream, The Shining and The Nightmare Before Christmas. The aura and mystery of Halloween have been bolstered by many of these cult classics, some of which have stood the test of time for nearly half a century.

    Although Scream hasn’t continued to reach the heights it did when it first hit cinemas nearly 30 years ago, there’s no disputing the iconic status and notoriety of the franchise. The instalment released last year has critics interested again, embracing the captivating nature of the original from 1996. Halloween cinema allows you the option to watch them in their full glory in a classic cinema setting, as originally intended, taking in the magic of the big screen.

    If you’re somebody who enjoys the jumpy and eerie aspects of the spookiest day of the year, then taking a trip to the cinema and watching some of these horror classics could be a good idea – and they’ll be a cheaper alternative, too, if you’re trying to watch those pennies.


    Like any European capital city at Halloween, you won’t be stuck for things to do in London – the problem will arise when you try to narrow down what you want to do from your prospective shortlist. With dozens of viable options, all with their own unique twist and variety, ensure you choose your Halloween event wisely so that you can make the most of your trip to the Big Smoke.

    You can check out all of the main sights during the day while deciding on what to do for Halloween evening, and you could perhaps squeeze in a spooky tour during the day, a cinema screening and then spend the rest of the night boogying away in fancy dress. We’re sure you’ll have a fantastic time, as long as you pick an event or activity that suits your preference and enjoy all the sights and sounds on offer around London this October.